Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Growing up I expressed my imagination and creativity through writing. I wrote stories, poems, songs, ideas, etc. When I started sewing and quilting I found a whole new way to express myself. It's funny, I never shared what I wrote for fear of judgement, but I've never been afraid to share my sewn creations...even the really bad ones from when I started! :)

So this morning, my little man, was turning in circles and saying, "ashes!" then falling down, (See, when he started turning himself in circles several weeks ago, I sang him the song, 'ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down!" and then collapsed on the floor and took him with me.) I thought of a poem I wrote years ago.

First, I have to share that my husband told me where/when this song started and why. That makes it a LOT less fun. However, I have read that such an explanation is rumor and began several decades AFTER this song had been around for many generations. Which, makes it much more pleasant again for me.

I really liked this poem, so if you think it is crap, then by all means, keep it to yourself. :) Otherwise, maybe you will enjoy it too:

Misty Morning
Copyright Aubrey Schwartz 2001

Memories flood the window
Morning grays and summer rain
Empty sky, lack luster butterfly
Today sings a Nostalgic Lullaby

Rosy around the ring
Posies Pockets and ash decline
Youthful glee, renewing free
Rushing water like the sea

Anticipation subsides the gloom
Childhood fantasies and travelers fears
Misting air, relenting care
Adventre lies beyond the stair

Create a tresure map
Secret spies and hidden fortune
Piratex X cross, stony moss
Searching for the rainbow's loss

Sunshine cloud sidled
Dewey grass and humid heaven
Blue spot, purple polka dot
Dreaming of a younger days lot.

Copyright 2001, Aubrey Schwartz, All rights reserved

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a Tease....

Welcome to my new blog! This will be slow going at first, as I'm still in a huge design phase before the official opening of my new company.

I'm so excited to be following my passion and even with the stress of starting a company, I am thoroughly enjoying myself. In the next few weeks and months I will be releasing a number of patterns and starting my own online fabric shop!

As a teaser here is a little, not much, of some of what I have been working on.

And, yes, I have been playing with all of the new lantern bloom fabrics by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller, and, yes, the prints are amazing!

Oh yeah...P.S. I read over on Heather Bailey's blog that Laura's birthday was yesterday! So if you're reading this - go tell her Happy Birthday! :)
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