Thursday, September 17, 2009

Easy to Create Un-containable Cuteness!

Can you handle it?
Corduroy Toddler Skirts!

Oh, it gets better...
Isn't it Sooo Cute!?
Do you want one?

There are two ways to get one!

1. Keep scrolling down and read about how to make one yourself! Or,

2. Buy one of the stack I made here (hurry though, because I only made 7 and once they are gone, they are gone).

P.S. The pattern piece is for sale at the bottom of this blog. Or buy the tutorial with both the 18 month and 24 month size pattern pieces at (Etsy) Mauby's Fabric Store(ArtFire) .

On to the tutorial!

Elmyra Skirt
©2009 Mauby's™ LLC


·• 1/3 yard of corduroy fabric
·• Thread
·• Embellishments such as like buttons, applique, etc. (optional)

Getting Started: If you have a kids skirt in the size you want then fold it in half lengthwise and trace it onto a large piece of paper.
You can buy the pattern piece at the bottom of this post(it will be emailed to you shortly after purchase in a .pdf format). The 18 month size prints on a normal size (8.5" x 11") piece of paper. The 24 month size prints out on a legal size(8.5 x14") piece of paper.

Step 1: Pin your pattern piece to the fabric. Cut two pieces on the fold. One piece will be the front and one willbe the back.

Piece 1 Unfolded

Piece 1 & 2 Unfolded

Step 2: Place your two pieces together so that both printed sides are touching. Line up the pieces so that all corners and edges match with no overhang. Press and pin together the side seams.

Stitch the side seams with an overcast stitch at a 1/4" inseam.

Step 3: Using an erasable cloth marker/pen/chalk draw the hem lines on the top and bottom of the skirt.
This is my pretty stack...I got a little bit carried away.
Step 4: Sew a double rolled hem at the bottom of the skirt. First fold over the edge to half way between the edge of the skirt and the line you drew. Press. Now fold again so that the just pressed edge lines up with the line and the unfinished edge is folded inside and unseen.

Do a decorative edge stitch all along the hem line.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 with the top of the skirt, only leave a small 1/2" gap between your starting and ending point when doing the edgestitch.
Step 6: Cut a piece of 1/4" elastic, 14" for the 24 month size and 12" for the 18 month size. Safety pin one side of the elastic to the skirt. On the other side of the elastic attach another safety pin. String the elastic through the waist band by putting the second safety pin through the gap you made in step 5.

If you have never done this before, here's how:

a. Push the safety pin attached to your elastic through the gap, point the safety pin so that it will be strung through the entire waistline.

b. While holding the non-clasped side of the safety pin from the outside, scrunch as much of the waist fabric as you can down the safety pin toward your fingers.

c. While keeping the fabric scrunched grab a hold of the top of the safety pin. Hold the top of the pin and pull the scrunched fabric away from the top while pulling the elastic through at the same time.

d. Repeat a-c until you get all the way around the waist to the gap. Pull the safety pin out of the gap and keep both elastic ends out of the gap, being careful not to lose them back in the skirt.

P.S. This is how you would string a hoodie shirt, cap, etc. If you've ever lost a string in a pair of pants or hood, etc. You can fix it yourself with this method.
Step 7: After the elastic has been strung through the waist. Take the two ends and overlap them about 1"-1.5" sew together with a good stretch stitch like a zig-zag.

Once the two elastic ends have been sewn together, push/pull/stretch the ends through the gap so that all elastic is in the waist.

Step 8: While holding the fabric taut, sew the gap closed with the same stitch you used on the previous part of the waist hem.

Voila! You have a cute little skirt! Don't you want one for yourself? I do.

Embellish as desired!


©2009 Aubrey Schwartz, Mauby's LLC

This pattern may not be reproduced or sold in any form without written permission. Items made from this pattern may be gifted. All Images and logo's as well as rights to the pattern are the property of Aubrey Schwartz and Mauby's LLC. Policies as well as copyright details may be changed at any given time per the pattern designers request.Please contact us if you have any questions

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