Saturday, September 26, 2009

Simple Abundance is HERE!

A box from Moda arrived on Thursday.

Everyone here was super excited!

Thursday morning I put my back out and spent the day resting because well, I had no other choice... I couldn't really walk. When UPS delivered the box in the afternoon I couldn't even bring the box inside! I had to get help.

But this morning, I was feeling better and I gently (ripped) opened that box of fabric and pulled everything out!
I've been waiting for this to be here for, well, FOREVER....

Words cannot describe and pictures cannot show how beautiful this fabric is, it definitely made the wait worth it.

It's got charm, sweetness and a happy glow all through it.

The colors are wonderful and the prints are just unbelievably breathtaking.

I may have gone slightly overboard with the pictures but I needed you to feel like you were there with me, looking at every print on those 5" squares of cotton.

Seeing the sizes and variety of the flowers on the yardage.

It was just, just so....

I really considered (and pictured in my head) what bathing in yards of fabric would be like and while probably not sanitary, I do think it would be quite satisfying, especially if it was in Simple Abundance.

So enjoy the rest of the pictures! And come get some of your own...



I will also have a pattern (or two) featuring this amazing line very soon!

P.S. To keep an eye out for what these ladies are up to check out Camille's Blog and Bonnie's Blog!


rosie's whimsy said...

It is indeed gorgeous! I am so envious ... how do part with any of it? HA! It would be my husband's worst nightmare if I really seriously opened a fabric shop. I sometimes have trouble sewing from my stash because it will be then be gone .... even though I well know there is always something new and beautiful around the corner....sigh....

Mauby said...

Sometimes it is hard when I get down to the last 2 yards or so on a bolt. It is especially difficult with the Moda fabrics, because once I am out that is it, they don't reprint. If it is a line that I can order more of when it's gone, then it doesn't seem quite so upsetting.

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