Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tea 2: Organic Superfine White

For a relaxing afternoon tea, I decided today's tea would be the, Organic Superfine White.

I've had white tea before, but it has always been the big brand name stuff that comes in a box. While I've enjoyed those teas, I have been told that loose tea leaves are far and away superior to tea in a bag. Well, they were right. This was great! Even the sweetea liked this tea! (Although, I have to confess, I added a 1/2 tsp of ginger syrup to his cup. It's just cane sugar and ginger boiled into a delicous syrup.)

Ten Ren's Description: "This rare tea consists of only singular young tender buds picked in Spring before they open. The reason for the name is the prominence of the delicate white hairs on the buds. Tea brewed from these buds have a pale yellow hue with a lightly sweet scent. Its taste is pure with a clean mellow sweetness with a delicately fresh aftertaste."
My thoughts on the tea:

Taste: While the taste wasn't overwhelming, it also wasn't void. A very, "middle of the road" drink. I think that I will brew the next pot and make it iced. Maybe adding a mint leaf or two.

Aroma: The scent was mild, if any. It has almost a fruit essence to it. It reminded me of a fresh summer day, sitting in a hammock with my great aunt or taking a walk through a field to go apple picking. Humbling, sensory, soothing.

Foods I would serve it with: This would be fantastic with cucumber sandwiches in the summer. Ah yes, a delicate tea with a delicate sandwich. Hmm, now I want a cucumber sandwich....

End Thoughts: This was a really wonderful, light tasting tea. I think it's a great tea to drink all alone in the middle of the day. A very relaxing feeling came from this tea. I would say this is a keeper. A nice leaf to keep in the cupboard and use when you need some soothing.

P.S. I decided to get a little creative...I'm not sure if this is against any tea rules, but I added a few Jasmine Pearls to my cup before I poured the second steeping of the white tea into it. Although, the aroma was wonderful and the taste was great, I must report that I will not be drinking any Jasmine tea in the future. Turns out Jasmine and I do not get along. The aroma, while pleasant gave me a headache as did drinking it. :(

But it was still a neat experience and Jasmine Pearls are very cool:
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