Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fabric Updates

You may have seen in my shop what fabrics I have had coming in but just in case you haven't here's the scoop.

Sometime a little over a month ago I got in, "Civil War Homefront" by Barbara Brackman for Moda fabrics. I ordered honey buns and jelly rolls and my they are delicious! Yes, I am still talking about fabric despite the food references.

Shortly after that I got in PUL. Polyurethane laminate from Fabrite. Right now I am only carrying the Optical White, but I hope to add a few more colors. This fabric is used for Cloth diaper covers, re-usable sandwich bags, wet bags, etc. It can be washed and dried hundreds of times without any damage. One side is a tight knit and the other side is a shiny laminated side that wipes clean or washes in the washer. I love this stuff for all sorts of uses. It is a waterproof barrier so you can pretty much use it for just about any waterproofing project you want to sew. Plus, it is CPSIA certified, so it doesn't leak lead or cancer causing agents! yay!

After that I got in some of "The Caroler" charm backs by Mary Englebright for Moda fabrics. These are on sale since it's the holidays and the print is discontinued.

And even most recently was this beautiful flannel print by Holly Tailor for Moda, "Creekside Trail Flannels". These are so lovely and the charm packs are great! I can't wait to make a few wonderfully soft winter pieces with these charm packs. Sometimes, it's hard to just sell fabric when I want to make stuff with it. ;)

I also added some interfacing and muslin to my shop. Those everday needs that you can grab up with fabric orders. (If your like me and you hate having to run to a shop when you are already shopping online!)

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