Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday (con)Fessions

So, I think I am going to start a new weekly post on my blog called Friday Fessions. Where I fess up some of my deepest, darkest, quirkiest secrets. You know, random thoughts that I think to share but never feel like a whole blog post is worth it.

Today's fessions are all fashion:

- I have to tell you, I'm a pajama girl. I Love fabric, I see & sell all kinds of beautiful amazing fabric. I can make beautiful dresses, gowns, shirts, skirts, etc. But my most favorite thing in the world is a waffle knit top with fuzzy pants. Ask anyone who shops with me, I always go to the "frump", PJ section of Victoria's Secret. If you showed me the most luxurious satin and the softest fleece and told me I had to choose one, I would always pick the fleece. I don't know if this is a flaw or a comfort thing, but honest to goodness, I just love soft, fuzzy, cuddly clothes. (This makes my mom sad.)

- I also have a sickness for argyle. Yep. I have argyle sweaters (I live in FL). I have argyle socks (I live in FL). I buy things I don't even want because they have argyle print on them. Lucky for me, just as I had to throw out a beloved (worn through) pair of argyle socks, they were 3 years old, my friend Robyn remembered that I said I loved argyle and got me a pair for Christmas! I LOVE them! Thanks Robyn!

- Finally, I love old worn in clothes. I steal my husbands shirts before he throws them out and wear them as PJ's. They are so soft. I've been asked by both my husband, and my mother, to, and I quote, "please throw out those ratty pants. please toss that stained shirt that you bum around the house in." I'm much better than I was three years ago. Really. I've improved. I now throw out anything with holes (or upcycle it). I also upcycle or toss out stained clothes. I replace my "going out" clothes every 6 months or so and then replace my "bumming in the house" clothes with the previous "going out" clothes. Don't get me wrong I like to look and feel like a princess as much as the next girl, but you'd probably find a great pair of fuzzy pants under my dress.

Anyone else have some fashion fessions? If you want to share your Friday Fessions, leave a comment with the link to your blog! I'd love to read them!

P.S. Please don't judge me. ;)


brookiellen said...

i own many pairs of argyle socks.

I would live in my boots if i could:) YOU know that!! lol

and I wear whatever I want, no matter what people think. Cause it doesn't matter!! I've been made fun of countless times and it still doesn't matter!

rosie's whimsy said...

Girls after my own heart! There is nothing better than sweat pants an a reeally oversized fleece top of my husbands to sew in!

However, you will most always find me with a pair of dangly earring on with that ... oops ... was the the siren of the fashion police I just heard? better run for it.....

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