Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Fessions & Merry Christmas!

In honor of this fun holiday, today's "fessions" will be Christmas related!

- I still believe in Santa...or the at least try to keep alive the magical feeling that believing in him always brought. I wait until the middle of the night to put out the presents and stuff the stockings. On Christmas eve, I still ask my sister (we are both grown-up, married, live in different parts of the country), if she is excited for Santa coming!

- I love, love, love giving presents as much, if not more than getting them! The last 3 years I have totally surprised my husband with gifts he was not expecting. I was thrilled beyond belief when I found this years present and soooo giddy for 3 weeks before Christmas while it was wrapped and hidden in my sewing room:
- I am physically incapable of tearing wrapping paper. It hurts me. Yes. I am serious. It drives EVERYONE I know crazy! I will spend 5 minutes unwrapping a gift, being extra careful not to rip or tear the paper. What really gets people, is that after I have the wrapping paper off of the gift, I crumple it all up into a ball and throw it away. It leaves many a person in complete shock.

- Finally, opening my stocking is one of the single most exciting parts of Christmas morning. To me, it's like the dessert that comes to your table, even though you did not order any. Y ou finish opening up all the presents under the tree and while you're happy about what you got, you feel a little sad that all the excitement and anticipation is done for another year. And then you remember...there is still the stocking to open!!! My mom has always been an EXCELLENT stocking stuffer. Our stockings had just as many wonderful presents as the gifts under the tree. I still enjoy opening stocking presents and I still forget every year that there are the stocking presents, which keeps the excitement of the stocking alive!

Do you have any Christmas fessions?

P.S. I got more argyle socks for Christmas!Above: Christmas aftermath picture, minus a few gifts that are now strewn about the house.

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brookiellen said...

LOL i got like 4 pairs of argyle socks too!!

glad you guys had a great christmas:)

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