Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long Overdue Updates!

I kept putting off updating because I've been on the verge of new news that I might be able to share at some point just about everyday. So, the idea of blogging about a secret every other day seemed so unappealing that I avoided it. Then I realized it's been over 2 months since I updated!

That is just sad.

Now the question is, what can I share today?

1) Well, I've been swamped with alterations, custom designs (home decor and clothing), and to add to all of that, Christmas presents. I asked my family if they would be upset if I sent their presents next month. ha! Yes, I really did. I'm hoping to have it all done this week and sent away for them to open on Christmas morning but, who knows.

2) I did however finish my sister's Christmas stocking, which was a special request. Last year I made her husband one out of flannels(they were newly weds then), mostly because I thought he would like it a lot, and also because the 'sister' in me wanted to see how my sister would react. (*back story* See, I came up with the idea when he wanted to wear a flannel shirt for the their wedding rehearsal dinner last year. However, my sister had everyone dress up for the dinner, so he was not allowed to wear that shirt.) The funniest thing of all though, was that my sister ended up really liking it and was disappointed that she did not get a matching one as well. Here is her matching one. The photos don't show how cute they really are in person. If I had time I would've put some up for sale in the Etsy shop, maybe next year. ;)
3) I have 3 patterns completely finished and just trying to make the final decisions on the covers. They will be available soon (I hope) in both e-pattern and paper pattern form.

4) I am in the process of designing and writing up 4 more patterns including a mini-book with multiple patterns.

5) I keep getting in more fabric! I'll post about that next.

6) Last thought: The Christmas tree is up, the Holiday Cards are ordered, oh, and chestnuts bought in Florida are really awful. Especially compared to the fresh ones we used to pick up from under the trees at my great grandpa's house growing up in Pennsylvania.

P.S. Husband makes fun of my completely coordinated tree, wrapping paper included. Says he is going to buy wrapping paper that will overwhelmingly clash with my Christmas decor, just to harass me. I guess I may be slightly too obsessed with it? Nah.


rosie's whimsy said...

Excited! Let me know when you have the patterns ready for release. I'd love to do a feature on them for TFS :-)

Mauby said...

Thanks Rosie! I would love to have you feature them. :) I can't wait to finally, say, these are done.

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