Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fessions and another Two-Fer

This week I fess up that I like to have more than one of just about everything. ESPECIALLY in my kitchen. I never actually realized that this was an odd thing until friends were helping me move recently and made fun of the number of things I had in abundance. For Example:
Of course, I think that having at least 4 rubber scrapers is necessary, especially if you bake. When you are making a special dessert and you need 4 different bowls of ingredients, etc. Ok, maybe 8 is excessive, but I REALLY like ALL my rubber scrapers.
In my defense one of these whisks is for egg whites and whipping cream. Although if I was honest, I am short 3 in this picture. One I lost to rust, one is a mini-whisk, and one is still in it's package in my pantry.
I left out one set of spoons, because they are pink plastic...and don't get used that often. I also found 2 more sets in my drawer, unopened! I'm actually having a hard time leaving them there now that I know I have them. But you can never have enough measuring spoons, right? Oh, and one of these sets above is not a "normal" set, it has neat measures like 1.5 TBP/2 TBP/ 2 TSP. hehe.

Yes. I have three peelers that are all very similar. However, my husband said that he misses the original kind, really? Is that a man thing? I LOVE These peelers!

Alright, so now it's out there for the whole world to see! I love having duplicates, I really do, and I can't say that I would ever change it. In fact, looking at these pictures makes me want to go to a kitchen store and get another whisk. I may have a problem. ;)

To celebrate the love of having multiple things this weekends Two-Fer sale will be 2 yards of ANY cotton print in the shop for only $12! So, go and pick your prints! Happy Weekend!

P.S. Did I mention that I love my new milk frother? Oh and check out the new mug my mom got me:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stash Envy....

I do some work for a local home decorator. Here is a giant bag of fabric she gave me. We are working on something that I will update you on soon. ;) Until then, you can envy this stash:

This one is silk:

Did you get a good look? These are even better in person. Can't wait to actually start cutting and sewing!

Well, I'm out. Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My New Favorite thing....

While shopping with my mom, I found a hand held milk frother. I've wanted one for a very long time and when I saw this I was so excited! My mom actually bought it for me...thanks mom! ;)

After frothing the milk, I poured my fresh made espresso using fantastic beans from brainscan coffee on Etsy (one scoop of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and one scoop of the Sumatra is my favorite self made blend) and my aeropress (which my sister got me for my birthday last year..LOVE IT! It was also recommended in the first place by Alex Wrekk over at brainscan.), over my frothed milk.

This coffee is even better than starbucks! In fact, I got a latte at Starbucks just yesterday and it didn't even compare.

P.S. Don't you just love these mugs? Back when I was engaged (years ago), I registered for this dinnerware simply for the mugs. I still love them! ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to Reality

Ha! Didn't I just have a post like this? Yes. Yes, I did. I have been pretty much disconnected from reality for the last 5 days. Enjoying a wonderful long weekend with my mom.

Not only did my mom fly down to spend time with the little man and me, it was also the first time she's flown alone in 30 years or more. It was a wonderful visit. We had so much fun! Excessive use of exclamations should be inserted throughout!! !! !! :P

We enjoyed shopping, eating out (putting back on the lbs. that I lost from the holidays), playing with my little man (who was immensely spoiled with presents everyday. I was spoiled a bit too!), and even sewing! !! !!. :) I cannot resist the exclamations. !! !! !!

I got many new projects done and now all those halfway ones need to be gotten to. I also have to return some phone calls, emails, and send in one of the machines for a tune-up.

I hope all the joy and excitement of these past few days will carry me through the next few months. Giving me energy and desire to work hard on the many things I want to accomplish. Well, that and caffeine. I'm not sure a true sewer can make it without coffee. They just go "hand in hand". Right?

Until next time (hopefully tomorrow) ......

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Two-fer" Fridays!

I decided to start a new sales rotation. Every Friday I will be putting up 2 things for one GREAT price! These sales will start on Friday's and last until Sunday.

This weeks special will be ANY 2 charm packs in the shop for just $12(+S&H)!!! Just leave what 2 charm packs you would like in the 'note to seller' section upon check out.

Click Here to take advantage of this week's two-fer Friday!

This is how I felt....

after my doctor's appointment today. Went in to have my nose looked at and the doctor tried to: run blood tests on my cholesterol, give me anti-biotics for my nasal congestion (a result of bashing my nose NOT a cold or anything), and had one of those hand shakes where she didn't actually make an physical contact with my hand (what is up with those anyway?). I finally got her to send me for x-rays and am calling an ENT tomorrow for a better look and opinion.

On that note, I would like to tell this to all doctors out there:

Dear Doctors,

Do you want to know why we go to the internet and read all about our symptoms? Do you want to know why we study medical research texts and then demand certain tests? Because you NEVER listen to us! You never listen to what happened and the results of those happenings. Believe it or not a better majority of your patients are fairly self aware.

I, myself, pay attention to how my body feels every day and I can tell you what foods I am sensitive to, when I haven't drunk enough water, the time of day a specific symptom began, how often I peed in a three day period. Am I more neurotic than most patients? Yes. But I've been through a lot of crappy situations that were caused by bad doctors not listening to me and not diagnosing me correctly. And so I have been forced to take my health into my own hands. To tell you what tests I would like to have done.

I'm still very willing to have the tests you think I should done, and to listen to your opinion. I know that you have gone through many more years of education than me. I know that you most likely got into this business to help people. I want to do what is best for me and what will make me better fastest. But please, please, please give me the respect that I, as a patient, deserve. I'm coming to you because something is wrong. And, you shouldn't just send me for random tests to get extra $$ from my insurance company. And, shouldn't just prescribe the routine drugs and send me away. And, you shouldn't bring me back every week to make me pay another copay and give me more drugs.

I think we are all very tired of the treatment many of you doctors out there give us. So the next time you walk into the room of a patient, new or long standing, think about the fact that they are not only worried about what is wrong, but that they are also putting their trust and faith in you to provide them with compassion, and to use your knowledge for the greater good of their well being. And, maybe, just maybe, they may know as much about their body as you know about medicine.

Thank You,

Tired Patient

(with a broken nose whose new doctor, not anymore, tried to send her for blood tests.)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to Work!

Christmas and New Year's seem to last a month for me. There are the two weeks of anticipation, excitement, and celebration and then there are the two weeks of exhaustion and recovery.

In my case the last two weeks have made me want another two weeks to recover. We had a Carbon Monoxide problem with our furnace (we live in FL and don't use the heat that often, but we've had a very cold last 2 weeks) and almost died. In the midst of having CO poisoning and getting out of the house, calling the necessary people to fix it all, I was running on adrenalin. Once everything was safe (we could not use the heater until the entire furnace was replaced. So we spent just over 24 hours with just an electric space heater in 35 degree weather) the realization of what had happened, and what 'could have' happened was exceptionally scary. It was just like the feeling you get a day or two after a car accident. The sudden punch to the gut that shows you how close you were to death. Makes me shudder just to think about it.

After all the commotion settled, we started to get back on track. Cleaned up Christmas decorations, got back to doing work, returning phone calls, sending Thank You's (Actually, I still need to do this...). Of course, this past Saturday I ended up hurting myself. :( I bent over an end table in the dark and smashed my nose really hard. Hard enough that I most likely caused a fracture or a break and may have damaged the nerves/roots on one of my front teeth. I go to the doctor tomorrow for an assessment. Oy.

And now, after all of that I need to crack down on some work. I had a few days of fun sewing but time is ticking for jobs and more are starting to roll in. The slow down of the end of December is both nice and unsettling. It's great to be getting work in again, but in a way it is hard to get out of 'the sweat pants, coffee, and watching extra cartoons with the little man' routine.

It's also back to blogging! :)

So Happy New Year! New Decade too! I hope you all had a better start than I and that we all have a great year from here on!
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