Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to Reality

Ha! Didn't I just have a post like this? Yes. Yes, I did. I have been pretty much disconnected from reality for the last 5 days. Enjoying a wonderful long weekend with my mom.

Not only did my mom fly down to spend time with the little man and me, it was also the first time she's flown alone in 30 years or more. It was a wonderful visit. We had so much fun! Excessive use of exclamations should be inserted throughout!! !! !! :P

We enjoyed shopping, eating out (putting back on the lbs. that I lost from the holidays), playing with my little man (who was immensely spoiled with presents everyday. I was spoiled a bit too!), and even sewing! !! !!. :) I cannot resist the exclamations. !! !! !!

I got many new projects done and now all those halfway ones need to be gotten to. I also have to return some phone calls, emails, and send in one of the machines for a tune-up.

I hope all the joy and excitement of these past few days will carry me through the next few months. Giving me energy and desire to work hard on the many things I want to accomplish. Well, that and caffeine. I'm not sure a true sewer can make it without coffee. They just go "hand in hand". Right?

Until next time (hopefully tomorrow) ......

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