Friday, January 8, 2010

Back to Work!

Christmas and New Year's seem to last a month for me. There are the two weeks of anticipation, excitement, and celebration and then there are the two weeks of exhaustion and recovery.

In my case the last two weeks have made me want another two weeks to recover. We had a Carbon Monoxide problem with our furnace (we live in FL and don't use the heat that often, but we've had a very cold last 2 weeks) and almost died. In the midst of having CO poisoning and getting out of the house, calling the necessary people to fix it all, I was running on adrenalin. Once everything was safe (we could not use the heater until the entire furnace was replaced. So we spent just over 24 hours with just an electric space heater in 35 degree weather) the realization of what had happened, and what 'could have' happened was exceptionally scary. It was just like the feeling you get a day or two after a car accident. The sudden punch to the gut that shows you how close you were to death. Makes me shudder just to think about it.

After all the commotion settled, we started to get back on track. Cleaned up Christmas decorations, got back to doing work, returning phone calls, sending Thank You's (Actually, I still need to do this...). Of course, this past Saturday I ended up hurting myself. :( I bent over an end table in the dark and smashed my nose really hard. Hard enough that I most likely caused a fracture or a break and may have damaged the nerves/roots on one of my front teeth. I go to the doctor tomorrow for an assessment. Oy.

And now, after all of that I need to crack down on some work. I had a few days of fun sewing but time is ticking for jobs and more are starting to roll in. The slow down of the end of December is both nice and unsettling. It's great to be getting work in again, but in a way it is hard to get out of 'the sweat pants, coffee, and watching extra cartoons with the little man' routine.

It's also back to blogging! :)

So Happy New Year! New Decade too! I hope you all had a better start than I and that we all have a great year from here on!

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