Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is how I felt....

after my doctor's appointment today. Went in to have my nose looked at and the doctor tried to: run blood tests on my cholesterol, give me anti-biotics for my nasal congestion (a result of bashing my nose NOT a cold or anything), and had one of those hand shakes where she didn't actually make an physical contact with my hand (what is up with those anyway?). I finally got her to send me for x-rays and am calling an ENT tomorrow for a better look and opinion.

On that note, I would like to tell this to all doctors out there:

Dear Doctors,

Do you want to know why we go to the internet and read all about our symptoms? Do you want to know why we study medical research texts and then demand certain tests? Because you NEVER listen to us! You never listen to what happened and the results of those happenings. Believe it or not a better majority of your patients are fairly self aware.

I, myself, pay attention to how my body feels every day and I can tell you what foods I am sensitive to, when I haven't drunk enough water, the time of day a specific symptom began, how often I peed in a three day period. Am I more neurotic than most patients? Yes. But I've been through a lot of crappy situations that were caused by bad doctors not listening to me and not diagnosing me correctly. And so I have been forced to take my health into my own hands. To tell you what tests I would like to have done.

I'm still very willing to have the tests you think I should done, and to listen to your opinion. I know that you have gone through many more years of education than me. I know that you most likely got into this business to help people. I want to do what is best for me and what will make me better fastest. But please, please, please give me the respect that I, as a patient, deserve. I'm coming to you because something is wrong. And, you shouldn't just send me for random tests to get extra $$ from my insurance company. And, shouldn't just prescribe the routine drugs and send me away. And, you shouldn't bring me back every week to make me pay another copay and give me more drugs.

I think we are all very tired of the treatment many of you doctors out there give us. So the next time you walk into the room of a patient, new or long standing, think about the fact that they are not only worried about what is wrong, but that they are also putting their trust and faith in you to provide them with compassion, and to use your knowledge for the greater good of their well being. And, maybe, just maybe, they may know as much about their body as you know about medicine.

Thank You,

Tired Patient

(with a broken nose whose new doctor, not anymore, tried to send her for blood tests.)

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