Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well, I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last blogged. I've been sick and now I'm swamped with back up work. I don't technically "have time" to do this post but I wanted to get something up so that I could feel less like a slacker! ;)

Now that my sister has her Christmas gift, I can actually share what I did! :)

For my sister's wedding, almost 1.5 years ago, I made her a wall hanging for their new house. I had all the ladies at her shower sign the back with marriage advice and such and then gave it to her and her husband as their wedding gift.
Here are pictures:

Christmas of 2008, her and her husband picked out a pattern and I made a sofa quilt that used some of the same fabric prints from the wall hanging. This was the first quilt I decided to quilt a pattern on myself. With just my regular old sewing machine. I decided to do dragon flies with flight paths behind them. Did I mention that I swore I would NEVER quilt like that on that machine again? I have not. When my husband gives me the, Ok, to replace the dining room with a Gammil (or the new husky quilter & QBot) then I will definitely start quilting my own larger quilts again. ;)

If you click on this picture to zoom it, you can see one of the dragonflies.
Enter Christmas of 2009. My sister requested another wall hanging that used the same prints from the other two pieces, but that pulled in some blue to match the now blue sofa they inherited from my parents. I put on my creative cap and did a pattern of my own. The pictures don't do it justice because I was in a rush to take them and get it packed up with my mom before she left after her visit but here's some for now (my sister is a photographer, so I'll be getting better ones from her, right sis? *wink) :

My little helper sending off Aunt Meg's quilt with some kisses and lovings. ;)

But, hey, check out this mitered corner. I do love to miter my corners, what can I say?

He he, here's the little helper with the 2008 Christmas quilt:

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Rosie's Whimsy said...

I am just doing straight lines on my quilt for son (on my regular machine) and even though I am just a beginner, i am dreaming of a fancy long arm machine already!!! Quilts and your little helper are wonderful :-)

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