Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies! (Mauby Style)

So here comes the cookie recipe I wanted to share with you from the previous post.

First a couple of things about how how I like my cookies:

1. I love cookies made with butter. In my personal opinion, you cannot have a good cookie made with something other than butter. It’s what gives the slightly crisp edges of a cookie that wonderful taste! A lot of gluten-free cookbooks suggest you use a butter spread or shortening. Those cookies have a good texture and are easier to make, but the taste is not the same as an old fashioned buttery cookie.

2. I think one of the secrets to any cookie is using more brown sugar than white sugar. It just, well, make a cookie recipe you already have that uses more white sugar than brown sugar, then reverse it. Compare. I think you will find that you prefer the variation with more brown sugar.

Of course, my recipe uses REAL butter. And the cookies are so good. The edges are slightly crispy but the centers are chewy. The best part is you can freeze it and then cut and serve what you need when you need.

Please enjoy!

Mauby’s Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


- ¾ c. Sweet White Rice Flour
- ¾ c. Brown Rice Flour
- ¼ c. Sweet Sorghum Flour
- ¼ c. Almond Flour
- 1 tsp. Xanthan Gum
- 1 tsp. Baking Soda
- 6 oz. Gluten- free chocolate bar (chopped into chocolate chunks and slivers)
- 1 large egg
- 1 tsp. Gluten-free Vanilla
- 2 sticks of butter softened, not melted (1 cup.)
- 1 c. Brown Sugar
- ½ c. White Sugar

  1. In small bowl combine your flours, xanthan gum and baking soda. Whisk until smooth.

  1. In large bowl beat butter (softened, not melted) until smooth. Add egg and vanilla. Beat until well mixed.
  2. Add brown sugar and white sugar to the butter mixture and beat until combined and fluffy.

  1. Beat in the flour mixture in ¾ of a cup at a time until all flour is mixed in and batter becomes a moist dough consistency.

  1. Stir in the chopped chocolate.

  1. With your hands, roll the cookie dough into a log and cut even slices. Put on tray and cook at 350 degrees for 9-11 minutes.


For even Chewier cookies: Replace the ¼ c. sorghum with another ¼ c almond flour.

For Crispier (or nut free) cookies: Replace the ¼ c. almond flour with ¼ c. tapioca, potato, arrowroot, or corn starch.

For healthier and heartier texture cookies: Replace the ¼ c. sorghum with ¼ c. teff flour.

For a more crumbly and higher rice cookie: replace the ¾ c. brown rice flour with almond flour and the ¼ c. almond flour with ¼ c. tapioca, potato, arrowroot, or corn starch.

For Brown rice flour –free cookies: Replace the ¾ brown rice flour with white rice flour. Freeze dough before slicing and cooking to help it keep it’s shape.

I forgot to mention you may need to incorporate one little helper! They help keep you on track (or off). :)

This was my butter softening on the stove.

This is Xanthan Gum. Before actually buying and cooking with it, I really thought it would be like sap or gum. But it is not. It is a powder. Too much of it will make your GF food hard. Too little and your GF food will fall apart.

I prefer chopped chocolate chunks and slivers because then the chocolate really spreads out into the whole cookie.
The flours after they are all mixed up before adding to your butter mixture.
The dough before adding the chocolate.

I roll my dough into two logs and slice up one for today's cookies. Then I wrap the second log in wax paper and saran wrap and freeze it. When I get company and need a treat, I can just slice up some of the frozen log and have fresh made from scratch cookies!

You may remember my post on excess kitchen stuff? Well, I was “spring cleaning” the other day and found some beautiful measuring spoons that I bought some time ago. They are still in the original packaging. I won’t lie, I remember buying them. In fact, I bought 4, ok, 5, packs of them, because you can never have enough measuring spoons. Can you?

I’m going to give away this set!

To win:

  1. Enter by leaving a comment about your experience with Celiac Disease and/or eating/cooking gluten-free.

  1. Tweet about this contest and leave a comment linking to your tweet on this post for an additional entry.

  1. Contest ends at 12:00 AM EST on May 1st.

  1. Random comment will be drawn and announced on May 2nd on this blog. Check back to see if you won!


~ Mauby

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