Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fat Quarter Fun! A Tool Belt Tutorial

Every month I get a free fat quarter from my local quilt shop.  It's part of one of those programs.  You know?  You sign up and you get a free pattern and fat quarter every month, 2 in your birth month + 10% off of your purchases.

Typically when I run errands I take my son because I like to spend his nap time and bed times working.  This means that he usually picks out my free fat quarter every month.  It's like a candy store to him (I'm training him young!).  Since he is obsessed with all things car/engine/tire/train related, it usually ends up being a car print.

I decided to put together a little "tool belt" for him with this one.  And I whipped it up with just one fat Quarter and about 20 minutes.  Here is the tutorial just. for. you. :D  Have FUN!


  • 1 Fat Quarter
  • Thread
  • Fabric Chalk/Pen/Pencil
  • Rotary Cutter and Mat
  • Ruler

Step 1.   Fold your fat quarter in half so that it measures 11" x 18". 

Step 2.   Measure and cut 2 - 2" strips off of the 18" side of the fat quarter.  Set aside.  Your folded Fat Quarter should now be 12" x 11"

Step 3: The Waist Tie:  Take your two inch strips and sew them together into one long strip.  I prefer to do this diagonally for a stronger seam.

Fold the shorter, 2" ends of the strip in about 1/2" wrong sides together creating a "hem".  Press.

Fold the entire strip in half lengthwise and press.  Unfold and press in the sides to meet at the middle press line.   Then fold in half again.  All your edges should now be folded in and "hemmed".

Sew along all the edges of the strip.  I added an extra row in the middle to spiff it up. :)



Step 4. Open up the remaining portion of your fat quarter and fold in the longer sides 1/2". Press. 

Step 5. Measure out 2 inches from the center fold line,  Fold wrong sides together along this line and press. 

 Step 6.  Now take the 2 inches not folded and fold it over so that the raw edges touch each other.  Press.  Fold at the point where the raw edges touch each other, so that the raw edges are inside and hidden.  This is creating the top of the tool belt. 

Step 7.  Unfold all of step 6.  Take your waist tie from Step 3 and place it between the raw edges and roll the strap up in the folds.  

 Step 8. Sew the strap into the folds by sewing along all four edges at a 1/4" Inseam.  Continue and edgestich along the entire outer edge of the folded fat quarter. Turn the fat quarter so that the bulk of the strap line is on the bottom. 

Step 9.  Fold up the bottom of the fat quarter so that there is about 1.5"-3" from the bottom of the strap line.  Press.  

Step 10. Draw lines for the pockets.  I drew two 2" pockets and two 4" pockets.   Sew from the bottom toward the top along the lines.  Then sew along the edge and bottom to finish the end pockets.  

Tada!  Now you have a toddler tool belt that even adults are envious of! ;) 
Have fun!


brookiellen said...

thats awesome aubrey!!! will definitely have to make one for cash!!

Mommafo said...

Love it :) I know my 5 y/o daughter would love it; she's always carrying around little toys with her. :) I'd have to make it awfully girly!

Mauby said...

@brookiellen make sure you post pics!

@mommafo you could add some ruffles! :)

Ali Rolph said...

Made one of these yesterday took about an hour for an absolute beginner! Thanks

Lucy said...

I must be really dumb.... Step 5 are you talking about the center line? Is that the long way or the short. My fat square was so uneven that I couldn't get a good 18x11 piece, I'm hoping it will still be ok, but I can't figure out your steps past 4 😕 I hope you can help me.

Jessica Rivera said...

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