Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby, Let's Fret -- Official Revealing!

So I've been sitting on this project for over 1 year and I am so excited that it is just about done!  The patterns have been tested (a few more testers are still finishing up!).  The layout is almost done and the pieces are being sent off to a professional photographer for a spectacular cover. :)

The idea for this quilt set first came to me when I was remembering my college years.  In college, my awesome sophmore year roommate, Brookiellen, and I had two great wall hangings.  One was a cloth tie-dye material with a picture of Jimmy Hendrix.  And one was a poster of guitar chords.  So I was reflecting on those decorations and thinking, how can I bring my and my husband's love of guitar into my work?

And here it is:

A three part pattern!

These cute little mini-wall hangings and did you see the pillows?  I LOVE the pillows! :) 

Finally, the quilt in a HUGE variety of sizes!  It's all chord blocks! 

Did I mention how much I love this set?  I know it's my design, but I still think it is really rockin'! 

I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED! :)  The pdf pattern will be up for sale within the next 2 weeks and then a print pattern in the next month or so.

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