Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tailoring Thursdays™, Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Sewers: The Bias.

What is the Bias?  When I started sewing more professionally, everything talked about, The BIAS,  how important it was, but every book I read made it more and more confusing.

Put simply, in almost EVERY case for the common sewer this is your bias:

Bias is technically a 45 degree angle from the grain line.  So this picture is not 100% accurate but it gets the idea across and THAT is what is important. ;) 

How does the Bias affect you?  
  • Drape
  • Stretch
When does it matter most?
  • When you want extra stretch/give like in a sleeve
  • When you want an item (example skirts)  to have more flounce, better drape, etc. 

A skirt NOT cut on the bias:

A skirt cut on the bias:

How to cut on the bias:

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1 comment:

Trish said...

I have to admit...being frugal, I never cut on the bias because it seems like there is a lot of waste. I didn't realize that the skirt would turn out so different from cutting it not on the bias and on the bias. I don't do a lot of clothing...but I'm starting to do more and this was a good explanation.

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