Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hot off the Press!

I received a call from Kristen with our local paper, Florida Today, last week.  She wanted to know if she could interview me about my company and feature it in the business spotlight! Of course I said yes!! :)

When I asked Kristen how she heard about me she said she found me through the chamber website and thought what I did looked really interesting.  How exciting!

And today, I was on the second page of the business section! I feel like a little kid again. hehe.  I went and bought several Sunday papers so that I could send real clippings to the folks and other friends and family back home.

Here is a copy for all of you! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fat Quarter Fun! Pillow Sham Cover!

I am really loving dressing up pillows this month! Here's a fun way to fluff up your ever day bed pillows. Enjoy the tutorial and as always, Have Fun! 

The versatility of this project is great too!  Do it up with 2 fat quarters and some muslin or plain cotton (see below).  Or,   


Do it up with 4 fat quarters like below.

  • 2 Fat quarters and 1, 35-1/2" x 22" muslin (or other matching cotton print/solid) OR 4 Fat quarters
  • 2, 22" x 1" (give or take) pieces of Ribbon or matching cotton scraps
  • Measuring Tool
  • Twin/Full/Queen sized bed pillows

1.    After deciding how you want your fat quarters to be arranged.  Take two fat quarters for one of the sides of the pillow and pin them right sides together.  Sew or serge along only one 22" side using a 1/4" seam allowance attaching the two fat quarters.  Open seam and press. 

2.  Take the non-sewn 22" side you want to be the open edge of the pillow and fold it over 1-1/4" wrong sides together.  Press. 

 3.  Fold the previously folded edge over again this time fold it 2-1/2".  Press.

4.  Turn over the pillow and fold the edge over another 2-1/2" in the opposite direction so that the right sides of the fabric are together.  Press.

5.   Pull out the 1-1/4" fold and fold it over the edge of the sham so that you have a doubled 2-1/2" flap with the 1-1/4" creating a finished edge. 

6.  Secure the 1-1/4" edge by using a 1/4" edge stitch along the unfinished edge.

 7.  Open the 2-1/2" flap and put in one piece of ribbon.  You can secure it between the flap and the main part of the pillow sham using pins or basting tape (you know I LOVE my basting tape!).

8.  Sew the ribbon between the flap and the pillow case using a 1/4" edge stitch on the pillow flap. 

*If you are using fabric scraps, then fold the piece in half, wrong sides together and place it in just like the ribbon, only with the folded side showing out of the flap. 

9.  If you are using 4 fat quarters to create your pillow sham, then repeat steps 1-8 with the other 2 fat quarters.  If you are using only 2 fat quarters, then repeat steps 2-8 with one of the sides of the 35-1/2" x 22" piece of fabric.

10.  Line up your two sets of fat quarters, right sides together and sew (or serge) the three raw edges together using a 1/4" seam allowance.  

11.  Turn the pillow sham right side out and put it around your pillow.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fat Quarter Fun! Flange Throw Pillow Case!

2 Fat quarters is all it takes to create this fun little throw pillow! :) 


  • 2 Fat Quarters
  • Fabric marking tools: chalk, pencil, marker
  • 15" x 15" pillow form
  • Embellishments: Buttons, rick rack, lace, ribbon, etc. (optional) 

1.  Choose which fat quarter you want as the top and which as the back.  Cut the back one in half widthwise so that you have two 11" x 18" pieces. 

2.  Along the 18" edge create a 1/2"  double rolled hem (1/4" once and 1/4" again).  Edge stitch the hem closed.   

 3.  Fold the right side over 1/4" then fold over again 1/2".  Press and edge stitch the hem closed. 

4.  Take the piece from step 3 and line it up on a rotary mat or other measuring instrument. 

5.  Take the piece from step 2 and lay it on top of the piece from step 3 overlapping the pieces by 2", lining up the edges of both pieces.   Pin in place on both sides. 

6.  Baste stitch or serge the two pieces together at the overlapping section.   

7.  Put the piece just created on top of the other fat quarter.  Line them up and cut off the excess fabric from the fat quarter.  Set aside. (**for a more professional look, skip this step and go to the bottom of this tutorial) 

8.  Place the back piece and the fat quarter on top of one another right sides together and pin them together down the center and then along the edges. 

9.  Serge or stitch the entire outside edges using a 1/4" seam allowance. 

10.  Turn the pillow case right side out through the back opening. 

11.  Pin the top of the pillow to the back of the pillow along the center again.  Measure 2" down from each corner and make a mark.  Then measure in 2" from each side and draw a line connecting each corner mark. 

12.  Stitch on top of the line just drawn, creating a flange. 

13.  Take the piece set aside from step 7, and edge stitch along both sides.  I like to use a zig-zag stitch with the tension tightened up so that you get a fringed scalloped edge.  Then sew along the middle to create a ruffle

14.  Add buttons or your choice of embellishments.  Sew onto the front of your pillow. 

15.  Stuff pillow with a 15" x 15" pillow form either bought or created by yourself.  If you want the back to stay closed you can add a button to the hem from step 2 and a button hole to the hem from step 3. 

Tada!  Hope you had fun! :) 

**To keep pillow looking full without the back popping open you will need to have the top of the pillow case be larger than the bottom.  Instead of cutting off the entire excess in step 7, cut off only 1.5" - 2".  Continue following the directions until step 12, when you get to step 12, iron one edge in so that the excess fabric is in the middle.  Sew that edge.  Repeat with the other three edges so that you have straight flange edges, but a "poofy" center.  

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Owee Packs, Tutorial Using Charm Squares!

Who doesn't need an owee pack? 

I Love these "ice packs" because you don't need a cloth to use them and the cold is gentle and soothing.  Plus, you can also heat them up for grown up owees! ;) 

Have fun making them in all different colors, designs, etc. 


2- 5" squares of cotton print fabric
2- 5" squares of muslin or other scrap fabric
1/3 cup whole flax seeds

1.  Place your two printed pieces on top of one another, right sides together and line up all edges. 

2.  Place one muslin square on top of the squares and one muslin square on the bottom of the squares.  You should have: muslin, printed fabric, printed fabric, muslin.  In that order. 

3.  Serge three edges creating a "bag" OR if you do not have a serger, do a straight stitch at 3/8" seam allowance on each side, followed by a zig zag stitch between the straight stitch and the edges. 

4.  Turn your "bag" right side out. 

5.  Turn the raw edge in about 1/2" and press, creating a "hem".

6. Edge Stitch along the three closed edges, anchoring the folded edge of the open side.
7.  Hold the bag with the opening at the top.  Get your 1/3 cup of flax seed and pour it into the bag.  

8.  Gently rustle all the seeds to the bottom.  Keeping the seeds to the bottom, place the pouch onto your sewing machine and sew the open end closed. 


You can spice this up so easily!  Before step 1, sew ruffle or lace on the inside edges of your print squares.  

Create just an insert and a washable cover by:
1.   Sew or serge three sides of just the muslin squares together, add the flax see and sew it closed.
2.  Repeat steps, 1 - 6 without the muslin.  Then sew velcro to the inside of the open edge.  

Add buttons, appliqué, etc. to the printed squares to give your bags a unique look.  Monogram, initial....the list keeps going! :) 

Place your new pack in the freezer so it is owee ready!  OR, keep in the cupboard and heat in microwave for 1 and 1/2 to 2 minutes and apply to grown up aches and pains! 

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