Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Owee Packs, Tutorial Using Charm Squares!

Who doesn't need an owee pack? 

I Love these "ice packs" because you don't need a cloth to use them and the cold is gentle and soothing.  Plus, you can also heat them up for grown up owees! ;) 

Have fun making them in all different colors, designs, etc. 


2- 5" squares of cotton print fabric
2- 5" squares of muslin or other scrap fabric
1/3 cup whole flax seeds

1.  Place your two printed pieces on top of one another, right sides together and line up all edges. 

2.  Place one muslin square on top of the squares and one muslin square on the bottom of the squares.  You should have: muslin, printed fabric, printed fabric, muslin.  In that order. 

3.  Serge three edges creating a "bag" OR if you do not have a serger, do a straight stitch at 3/8" seam allowance on each side, followed by a zig zag stitch between the straight stitch and the edges. 

4.  Turn your "bag" right side out. 

5.  Turn the raw edge in about 1/2" and press, creating a "hem".

6. Edge Stitch along the three closed edges, anchoring the folded edge of the open side.
7.  Hold the bag with the opening at the top.  Get your 1/3 cup of flax seed and pour it into the bag.  

8.  Gently rustle all the seeds to the bottom.  Keeping the seeds to the bottom, place the pouch onto your sewing machine and sew the open end closed. 


You can spice this up so easily!  Before step 1, sew ruffle or lace on the inside edges of your print squares.  

Create just an insert and a washable cover by:
1.   Sew or serge three sides of just the muslin squares together, add the flax see and sew it closed.
2.  Repeat steps, 1 - 6 without the muslin.  Then sew velcro to the inside of the open edge.  

Add buttons, appliqué, etc. to the printed squares to give your bags a unique look.  Monogram, initial....the list keeps going! :) 

Place your new pack in the freezer so it is owee ready!  OR, keep in the cupboard and heat in microwave for 1 and 1/2 to 2 minutes and apply to grown up aches and pains! 



Alicia said...

Great tutorial! I usually use rice in mine, but flax seed would work great too.

Josh said...

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