Sunday, October 24, 2010


I received a jacket about a month ago that needed to be altered.  My client wanted the length of the jacket shortened as well as the sleeves.  The jacket was also a little too boxy and she needed it taken in at the sides.  I actually remembered to take some before and after shots (I really need to remember this more)!   



I love being able to make something more wearable and thus enjoyable for my clients.  It makes me really happy to see them happy in their clothes! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Friend Brooke

WARNING:  Sappy Post Incoming!

While visiting the Northeast, the little man and I went got to stay with a very special, very good friend of mine, Brooke of Brookiellen designs.   Brooke and I were college roommates.  The BEST kind of college roommates, practically sisters.  Still my #1 roommate of all time, next to the current one (you know.... the hubby)!  

We had so much fun living together back then!  I snapped this shot of a picture in her house of us back when we were only 20 years old.  I think we look so good in this picture!  :)  It reminded me of those sweet, relaxed, wonderful college days. 

This picture makes me feel so sappy!  While neither of us would change our lives at this point, both with amazing husbands and beautiful little boys, I still feel a little bittersweet that so much time has passed and we are no longer 20 year olds living the carefree college life. I should say that neither of us were real rebels but we had a lot of fun anyway!

Now we are moms and busy work at home moms no less!  

It was so much fun to live together for just a few days once again.  To see our boys play together and to hang out with Brooke and her husband (also a college friend) once the kids were in bed. 

Brooke is an amazing sewer (check out her Etsy shop) and I am so jealous that after the year we lived together she transferred to a school where she got to sew for finals!  I finished up the next year going part time while living closer to my now husband and I will not tell you my major...because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with sewing! ha!  But that my friends, is another story. ;) 

It was great to see her studio and to talk about material and stitching.   If only we weren't so tired after chasing two little boys around all day we might have sewn some. ;)

I LOVE YOU BROOKE!!!!!!  I am so very happy we got to spend those days together and look forward to seeing you all again.  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

26 days at "Gramma's" house

Where did you spend your September?  The little man and I visited family and friends for the whole month!  (Don't worry, I brought my work with me!)
 Do you know how to make a 2 year old obsessed with cars REALLY happy? Pop-pop does! ;) 

He decided the "spoon shovel" was easier. ;) 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Charm Square Tutorial -- Wedding Garter

If only I was a sewer when I got married.  I would have made myself one of these!  I think I would have used part of my mom's wedding dress, an antique handkerchief of my great grandma's, something of my husbands grandma's, etc. etc.  It only takes a few 5" squares, elastic, and if you like...a touch of lace. 

Personally, I would opt out of the lace, as I find it itchy as all get out!  By the end of my wedding all I had on was the dress and my panties.  The corset was too tight for me to actually eat and being as we paid over $25 a plate, I was going to eat! So that came out from under the dress first. I think the garter was the last thing to come off because it was itching.  If you were wondering, I did not have my garter thrown, I think I still have it in a box somewhere....  


  • 6 Charm Squares for an average size (For a smaller leg size take away one square.  For a larger leg size add a square or two as needed.)
  • Elastic, measured to fit comfortably around leg + 1/2"
  • Matching Thread
  • Lace (optional)

1.  Choose your square layout.

2.  Sew each square together in desired order using a 1/4" seam allowance creating a strip.    Fold your strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together and press.  Unfold.

3.  Fold in the raw lengthwise edges in to meet at the press line you just created.  Press.  Unfold**. 

**If you would like to add lace to the garter attach it to one of the folded edges now. Do not unfold.  For a fuller look, you can attach lace to both lengthwise edges. 

4.  Sew the 1st square to the last square creating a loop/circle.   For lace option you will do the same thing, only you will be keeping the folds from step 3 in place. 

5.  Fold the raw edges in to the center line.  Then fold the center line in half, enclosing the raw edges.  

6.  First, edge stitch along the folded edge.  Second edge stitch along the open edge, leaving a 1/2" - 1" opening for the elastic. 

7.  Pull the elastic through the hole.  Sew elastic together with a 3/4" overlap of both ends.  Finish pulling it through and sew the opening closed.  (If needed, please refer to steps 6 - 8 of the Mauby's Elmyra Skirt tutorial for further instructions on stringing elastic) 

Tada! Only 7 steps to a beautiful one of a kind handmade wedding garter! Hope you had fun! 

Monday, October 18, 2010


Who knew Marlon Brando was yelling about purses!  Or maybe not.  But, after I made six of Patty Young's Stella purses I was pretty tired and if anyone in my parents' house, (yes I made them while I was away...don't you sew on vacation?)  looked at me funny I thought of yelling "STELLA"!

It was a fun pattern...although, doing six at one time may have been excessive.

Why did I make six you ask?  Well, see, I wanted one for myself, and my mother and sister each wanted one too.  I thought, we were going to sew together but instead I ended up sewing them all** and I thought (I think like this a lot), 'hey, if I am going to three purses, then why not make six?"  My husband does not understand this line of thinking either...however, it makes perfect sense in my head.

**My mom did help a lot with turning and such.  And they both cut out the fabric for each of their purses. 

 They are pretty though aren't they?

I did not take pictures of my mom and sister's.  My sister's is only made up of three prints and my mom's is four.  They had no idea why I was sewing away at triangles and making strips and re-sewing...until the end.  Then my mom wasn't sure if she needed to trade in her "boring" (she said it, not me) design for one of the patchwork ones.  She decided not to.

In the end I love all of the purses and am not sure what I will be doing with the three extra right now.  But they sure are pretty, aren't they?  Yes. I deviated from the pattern slightly with my patchwork side...I could not help 

I sure hope this post made sense as I went to the allergist today and after being poked and prodded, I was loaded up with meds and feel really tired...and rather loopy.

More about my travels tomorrow, plus a new tutorial!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some Fall Foliage Photos

 You may have noticed I was a bit MIA last month.  I was enjoying this:

 More to come tomorrow!

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