Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Friend Brooke

WARNING:  Sappy Post Incoming!

While visiting the Northeast, the little man and I went got to stay with a very special, very good friend of mine, Brooke of Brookiellen designs.   Brooke and I were college roommates.  The BEST kind of college roommates, practically sisters.  Still my #1 roommate of all time, next to the current one (you know.... the hubby)!  

We had so much fun living together back then!  I snapped this shot of a picture in her house of us back when we were only 20 years old.  I think we look so good in this picture!  :)  It reminded me of those sweet, relaxed, wonderful college days. 

This picture makes me feel so sappy!  While neither of us would change our lives at this point, both with amazing husbands and beautiful little boys, I still feel a little bittersweet that so much time has passed and we are no longer 20 year olds living the carefree college life. I should say that neither of us were real rebels but we had a lot of fun anyway!

Now we are moms and busy work at home moms no less!  

It was so much fun to live together for just a few days once again.  To see our boys play together and to hang out with Brooke and her husband (also a college friend) once the kids were in bed. 

Brooke is an amazing sewer (check out her Etsy shop) and I am so jealous that after the year we lived together she transferred to a school where she got to sew for finals!  I finished up the next year going part time while living closer to my now husband and I will not tell you my major...because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with sewing! ha!  But that my friends, is another story. ;) 

It was great to see her studio and to talk about material and stitching.   If only we weren't so tired after chasing two little boys around all day we might have sewn some. ;)

I LOVE YOU BROOKE!!!!!!  I am so very happy we got to spend those days together and look forward to seeing you all again.  

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brookiellen said...

so crazy how time flies!!! i'm so glad we got to spend some time together- and that our boys were able to play together too! Next time hopefully we'll be able to sew some together- I KNOW you could teach me a thing or two :)

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