Monday, October 18, 2010


Who knew Marlon Brando was yelling about purses!  Or maybe not.  But, after I made six of Patty Young's Stella purses I was pretty tired and if anyone in my parents' house, (yes I made them while I was away...don't you sew on vacation?)  looked at me funny I thought of yelling "STELLA"!

It was a fun pattern...although, doing six at one time may have been excessive.

Why did I make six you ask?  Well, see, I wanted one for myself, and my mother and sister each wanted one too.  I thought, we were going to sew together but instead I ended up sewing them all** and I thought (I think like this a lot), 'hey, if I am going to three purses, then why not make six?"  My husband does not understand this line of thinking either...however, it makes perfect sense in my head.

**My mom did help a lot with turning and such.  And they both cut out the fabric for each of their purses. 

 They are pretty though aren't they?

I did not take pictures of my mom and sister's.  My sister's is only made up of three prints and my mom's is four.  They had no idea why I was sewing away at triangles and making strips and re-sewing...until the end.  Then my mom wasn't sure if she needed to trade in her "boring" (she said it, not me) design for one of the patchwork ones.  She decided not to.

In the end I love all of the purses and am not sure what I will be doing with the three extra right now.  But they sure are pretty, aren't they?  Yes. I deviated from the pattern slightly with my patchwork side...I could not help 

I sure hope this post made sense as I went to the allergist today and after being poked and prodded, I was loaded up with meds and feel really tired...and rather loopy.

More about my travels tomorrow, plus a new tutorial!


brookiellen said...

cute bag!!

Anonymous said...

Love them all.


susie said...

they are adorable!

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