Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some Spotlight....

on a fellow Etsy Twitter Team member! 

I LOVE how knitting looks and I would LOVE to knit!  I have even bought patterns from Etsy sellers.  I have needles and I have yarn.  My awesome cousin, Lori, more affectionately referred to as Auntie Aye (not sure why, but even now as an adult I like to call her that), taught me some basic knitting stitches while I was visiting up North in September. 

However, I am nowhere near as capable as our amazing Etsy Twitter team members.  And heck, if you can't knit, pick up something from someone who can! Today I just wanted to introduce you to KnittingGuru.

Take a look at her amazing works! 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fat Quarter Tutorial -- Easy Knife Edge Square Throw Pillow

I have been on a bit of a pillow kick lately, if you couldn't tell. :) 

  • 2 Fat Quarters
  •  18" x 18" pillow form (or 16" x 16")
  • 18" zipper or invisible zipper
  • Matching Thread

1.  Cut 4" off of the 22" side.    


2.  Cut off the selvage upto 1".

3.  Sew the 3" pieces together with a 1/4" seam allowance. 

4.  Fold in half wrong sides together and press.

5. Unfold and fold the raw edges in to meet the previous fold line. 

 6.  Fold in half at the line where the raw edges meet, enclosing the raw edges. 

7.  Choose the fat quarter you want to be the backside of your pillow.  Cut it in half, so you have two 9" x 18" rectangles. 

8.  Attach zipper in between the two pieces just cut to create a whole piece.  For instructions on inserting a zipper go here

9. Take the piece created in step 6 and cover the zipper.  Pin in place and sew the "open" edge of this folded piece in place. 

10.  Lay the two fat quarters on top of one another right sides together. Trim off any excess, so that both squares are the same size. 

11.  With the zipper closed, sew the two sides that are perpendicular to the zipper closed with a 4/8" seam allowance. 

Then sew only one of the sides parallel to the zipper closed with a 4/8" seam allowance. 

Open the zipper and sew the final edge closed. 

12.  Trim the corners, being careful not to cut the stitches. 

13.   Turn the "pillow" right side out

14.   Stuff and tada! 

It was so fast and easy I made two!  One for me and one for my little man.  He really likes his.  Best part is, these are so fast it only took me about 30 minutes to put both of them together! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

"I've been an awful good girl....."

This year...Santa won't you bring me all the things on my Wishlist?  :)

Melanie at Above All Fabric is doing a fabulous giveaway!  All you have to do is go to her website and make a wishlist and blog about it!  Go here to read the details and enter!

My wish list includes this Pattern from Camille with Thimble Blossoms, (love her blog) you also know her from Bonnie and Camille (they design fabric for Moda)!  They have a new line out called, Bliss!  And it is just that. :)  Anyway, Camille is always mentioning how fast and fun this quilt pattern is and so I would like to put one together! That is definitely on my wishlist!

I think I would put it together with the wonderful new line, Parisville, by Tula Pink!  Of course, once I finished piecing it, I would need Angela  to quilt it for me. ;)  

So I would need this Charm Pack:

These colors for the borders and binding:

The backing could be in this:

And then a bunch of this to use as the neutral part of the quilt because I LOVE minky!

Of course the ric rac too!  Deciding on a color was hard work!  

I put this on the list so I can make hubby another comfy T-shirt.  Another new knit from Michael Miller Fabrics...have you used their knits yet?  They are wonderful! :

For good measure I added a bunch of knits for myself! LOVING these new prints from Patty Young's new Sanctuary line and Michael Miller Fabrics: 

And a few more knits I don't have yet:

I added a few more things to my wishlist....but I won't bore you with them ALL.... ;) 
Go!  Make your wishlist by December 1st! Of course, I would not mind winning so I could whittle down or you know, add to my wishlist without feeling guilty. ;) 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's a Mystery!

Can you help a girl out?  What is this tool?  My grandma was a seamstress for several decades and she gave me this tool.  It has something to do with seams but I am not sure how exactly to use it.  If anyone knows what this is so I can at least look up some instructions that would be stupendous! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fat Quarter Fun! Mini Bolster Pillows!

  With just two fat quarters, a bit of ribbon and some stuffing you can have two mini and cute bolster pillows!

  • 2 Coordinating Fat Quarters
  • 4 cuts of 10" Ribbon, Lace, or other decorative string
  • Poly-fill, stuffing, or bolster pillow forms (approx./close size 12" length and 13 1/2" circumference)

1. Cut 6" off of the 22" length of each fat quarter, so that they both measure 16" x 18".

2.  Cut the 6" pieces in half lengthwise so that you have two 18" by 3" pieces.  
Sew each matching strip together to get two long 26" by 3" pieces. 
These pieces are to be used for decoration on the pillows. 

3. Decide where you want to put your strips.  You can make them into ruffles and sew it on the middle of the pillows or just straight line across (the length of the pillow will be the 18" edge and the 16" edge will become the circumference). 

4.  After you attach your embellishment strips, fold over the 16" edges 1".  Press and stitch with 1/4" seam allowance from the raw edge. 

 4.  Then fold over the 18" edge 1" and again 1" to close in the raw edge.  Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance from the edge of the fold. 

5. Fold the entire rectangle in half lengthwise, so that the rectangles now measure 16" x 9".  Sew ONLY from stitch line to stitch line created in the previous step. 

6.  Turn the tube around right side out. 

7.  String one end with the decorative drawstring.  Pull it closed and tie a bow or a knot. 

8.  Stuff the pillow and repeat step 7 with the other end. 

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