Monday, December 13, 2010

"Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold...."

It's that time of year.  YES!  I am one of those people who really LOVES Christmas even though I am married to the Grinch (At least he lets me do what I want to celebrate!)  

And now I have a little guy to train into the great excitement of it all!  

The little man needed his own stocking this year.  

Hubs is the Kermit one, the striped one is mine (the 1st stocking I ever made from a book pattern years ago) and the Cars one is the little man's new stocking which he had to have and had to help me make!  So sweet.
He is already a chef and now becoming a sewer.

Of course, I have not yet had time to embroider his initial on his new stocking.  He also requested that I sew on little train buttons.    

Now, I know that alll of this excitement is completely because I have been building it up.  I am ok with that. :)  

This is the first Christmas that my little guy will really get it and that is super fun for me!  Last year he was barely 20 months on Christmas and while he understood it was exciting he still wasn't really into presents or toys yet.  

But, this year, this year he is ready!  And man oh man I am ecstatic!  
He asked for his own tree.  To which I obliged as long as it matched mine! (I have a color coordinated tree...right down to the wrapping paper.)

I did let him pick out his own ornaments and he picked red.  My theme is blue, silver, and turquoise, not quite red.  But it works, so I am ok with it.  

Here is his tree decorated.  He even arranged the little presents he picked out under it. 

Here it is later on after he removed ALL the ornaments.  He rearranges, takes down, puts up his ornaments throughout the day.  Apparently, his cars sometimes need to drive up the tree and the ornaments get in the way.  

Finally, is the family tree.  Little man refers to it as, "The BIIIIIG tree!"  It is really un-photogenic.  I'm not sure if it is where it is in the room or the size of it or my camera or me.  The tree is really gorgeous in person but if it is possible, it's photogenic qualities take after me. 

Are you ready for Christmas?  


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susie said...

Love the trees! They look fantastic!

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