Friday, January 28, 2011

A day late....

and always a dollar short. ;)

I am NOT a late person, but alas having a child has shown me that lateness is sometimes unavoidable.

Yesterday started off with me getting my normal blood tests and a stop at the hardware store, where the little man informed me we also needed spackle!  How does he even know what spackle is?

It was supposed to continue in it's productivity...however, upon getting home with my new melamine board, the finishing piece to the ironing table I have been working on building for 3 weeks now, I found that I did not have a large enough drill bit for the bolts I bought.  Ughh.

Decided drill bits could wait until later or tomorrow.

Little man went down for his nap and finally, I could be productive again!  But alas, no.  Instead he woke from his nap 4 times in a 2 hour stretch.  Very unlike him.  Normally he goes down and that's it until I come in and tell him it is time to wake up.  That was the first clue.   Needless to say, I did not get much of anything accomplished during nap time.

After getting up from his nap, his eyes were watery and he kept telling me that his, "nose is full of water".  I don't know if toddlers can be OCD, but this child is pretty darn close!  Whenever his eyes or nose get wet, even from his own tears or snot, he NEEDS a tissue.

My day continued to go down hill from there.  Little man got sicker and needed lots of love and attention until bed time.  Which took a solid 4 - 5 hours to get him down for the night, but at least that gave me a solid 4 hours of sleep in between smaller amounts of sleep.

Finally, before I got into bed I was going to get up yesterday's sewing tip.  I was feeling oh so very accomplished after getting all the picutres taken and sitting down to the computer to edit and post.  As I went to load the pictures into photoshop, I got an error.  AND, my pictures were gone from the camera.

After that I called it quits and hit the hay.

Now it is Friday morning and while I was supposed to be picking up my mom at the airport, instead I am at home nursing a sick little one and myself.  My sweet (albeit slightly annoyed) husband is picking up my mom.

Soon my mom will be here and then Grandma time will commence!  At which point, camera cooperating and all, I hope to actually get up yesterday's tip post.

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Marci Girl said...

I hope you get to enjoy your visit with your mom, and I hope you guys feel better soon. This post is honest to God the story of my life! Oh and my son has to have a tissue the second he is having any sort of nose issue too! He is probably OCD just like his mom!

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