Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project Quilting Season 2

Last year a wonderful online friend of mine, Sarah, of SarahBdesigns, was entering this contest called, Project Quilting over at Kim's Blog.

I thought it was an interesting contest, but did not have the time to put into contests at that point. 

Now, as I am re-focusing my business goals, I have time to do fun things like this!  And so I joined in the first challenge of Season 2!  
My Little man LOVES cars, trucks, trains, and especially construction vehicles.

He actually has a panel for a quilt that I would like to add some piecing to, however he will not relinquish the panel...he keeps it in his bed along with 1/2 yard Thomas fabric and, 2 other quilts, a crocheted blanket AND a fleece blanket.  

I do not know where the child is supposed to fit in his bed, but he does. ;) 

I have these really cute complimentary prints that will go great with that panel and it turns out they were *just* the right colors for the Primary challenge! 

I wish I had thought to use yellow thread for the bucket on the back, red for the cab and brown for the wheels.  It would have made the back of the quilt look like a stitched dump truck.  Guess I will just have to make another! 

I used a 6"x 6" square for the bucket and the cab of the dump truck.  Then I used a 4" x 21" blue strip across the bottom, a 3" x 21" blue strip across the top and a 3" x 14 1/2" blue strips on the sides to finish the blue "sky" framing. 

Finally I appliquéd on the 4 1/2" brown tires.  I used an appliqué stitch around the outside of the wheels and then repeated it in the opposite direction on the inside of the wheels to give the look of tire treads.  

I also made sure to cut the circles out so that the dump trucks on the brown print would be close to the middle of the tires, wanting to emphasize the idea of dump trucks! :)

I was not sure if I could add a blue window to the red cab and not be in violation of the rules, so I chose to quilt the cab with a "window" in the center. 

Finally, I quilted the yellow bucket in the same form as the cab with parallel lines from the inside out, giving it a bit more texture and a nice sturdiness.  

And now you can go vote for your favorite quilt for this competition!  

There are a lot of entries, and even though I want to win (I do have an ego, believe it or not. :P), just vote for your favorite! 

P.S.  Voting is easy, just click and forms or anything.  

Oh and......would you like to see this little pieced dump truck as a pattern or tutorial???  I am thinking I should pull one together! :) 

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Michele said...

I used the same fabrics in a quillow that I posted on my blog early on for my son. I love the dump truck and I'm sure he would too!

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