Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tailoring Thursdays™, Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Sewers: Bodkins.


They look like tweezers.  But they are sooo much more!

I am a HUGE fan of using minimal extra and costly supplies while sewing.  

If you can use a safety pin, a chopstick, or another available tool instead of having to go out and buy a specific item, then I fully encourage it. 

However, there are some tools that are worth a little extra moolah, because they can make your sewing easier, faster, and less frustrating. 

See the small circle around the right end of the bodkin?

When you push the circle down toward the open end ("teeth end") of the bodkin, it closes. is what you use a bodkin for....

Instead of using a safety pin to string elastic or a drawstring, you can use a bodkin!

Place the end of your elastic or drawstring inside the open end of the bodkin,

Push the ring toward the open end, clasping the elastic in the "teeth" of the bodkin. 

For the following instructions, I will be referring to the item you are stringing, be it a waistband, hoodie, or whatever the item, as a tube

a. Place the non-"tooth" side of the bodkin into the gap, pointing the bodkin in through the tube of whatever you are stringing. 

b. While holding the part of the bodkin that is attached to the elastic, scrunch as much of the fabric as you can down the top of the bodkin toward your fingers.

c. While keeping the fabric scrunched grab a hold of the top of the bodkin and pull the scrunched fabric down the bodkin, while pulling the bodkin through the tube at the same time.

d. Repeat a-c until you get all the way around the waist to the gap. Pull the bodkin out of the gap, while holding the other end of the elastic, still exiting the tube where you first put in the bodkin) to prevent it from being lost inside your tube.

Sew your elastic together and voila.   

Bodkins are awesome!  
AND they are an extremely inexpensive tool to make you feel like a sewing guru.  

Surprisingly, they cut down the time and frustration of stringing items with a safety pin, plus, no poking of your fingers!  :)

Grab one Here

Or a three pack Here

Or just pick one up the next time you are shopping for fabric. ;) 


Marci Girl said...

Another great item - similar but different - The Ball Point Bodkin! I love mine for so many things!

Anonymous said...

I learned about these from you. With all the sewing women in my family I can't believe that I didn't know about these until now. LOVE THEM! I picked up a ballpoint and the one you have for a steal. Well worth it and TONS better than the pins or turny thing. Thank you

Jan said...

I have never seen this before. Now that I know it is going on my get list. Thanks for sharing.

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