Saturday, February 12, 2011

Faster Piecing Part 2: Square x Square

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Faster Piecing Part 2:
 Square x Square

Often when you start on a quilt pattern it will tell you to cut out x amount of squares.  Then you will be instructed to sew those squares together.  

When the pattern calls for a large number of the same squares of the same size to be sewn together you can save some time by using 2 fat quarters to combine your two squares in a much faster manner. 

1.  Place two fat quarters right sides together.

2.  Cut off the selvages and the edges making both fat quarters even.

3.  Measure out from the 22" edge of the fat quarter, the size of square you will need and draw a line.  Continue drawing lines parallel to the first line measuring out the same distance.

For Ex: If you need to cut 4" squares, then draw the first line 4" from the edge. 
Draw the next line 4" from that line and so on.

Repeat step 3 with measuring out from the 18" edge. 

Finish this step by pinning your fat quarters together leaving space to sew next to the lengthwise lines. 

4.  Using the lines drawn in step 3 as guides, sew together the fat quarters with a 1/4" seam allowance (or whatever seam allowance your pattern calls for) on the inside of the lines.  

*To clarify: If you drew your lines 4" from the edge, then you would be sewing your line at 3 3/4" from the edge OR 1/4" to the right of the line.  

Repeat with each line.

I sewed mine in red to make it easier to see in the pictures. 
When you sew the lines, do a back stitch over the lines that crossover the line you are using as a guide.  

5.  Press the stitches and then 
carefully and accurately cut along the lines drawn in step 3. 

6.  Open and press.  

Voila!  In about 20 minutes you will have sewn, cut and pressed a bunch of square x squares!

In my case I did 4" squares and ended up with 20 sets of squares.  

Hope you found this to save you some time in the future! 

Happy Piecing!

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harleywife57 said...

Very interesting !!! going to have to try this next time I needs squares ! thanks !

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