Thursday, February 3, 2011

Faster Piecing Part 1: Half Triangle Squares

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Faster Piecing Part 1:
 Half Triangle Squares 

Piecing triangle squares for quilting can take a while and be a bit of a pain.
 Having to line up each set can take what seems like forever AND the smaller the triangles, the more difficult it can be! 

So here's a trick that takes less time and is easier than your normal cut and sew triangle squares.

1.  Take 2 squares, add 7/8" to the size you want your square to end up being order to determine the size of the squares to cut.
(For a quick guide: see my chart at the bottom for determining size**) 

2.  Place them on top of one another, right sides together.  

4.  Draw a line diagonally across from corner to corner of the square. 

5.  Sew a parallel line 1/4" from each side of the line.

6.  Cut straight on the line you drew in step 4.

7.  Open triangles and press.  
Now you have two half triangle squares!


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