Friday, February 11, 2011

Tutorial: Valentine Mug Rug


<3² = computer geek speak for Heart Squared.   

Have you heard of Mug Rugs?  I hadn't heard of them until about 2 weeks ago during Talkin' Tuesdays:  

Turns out a mug rug is a mini quilt that is a bit bigger than a coaster.  Something to fit your coffee and perhaps a muffin or biscuit on. 

So I made one up this week!

I must be getting soft as I age because I do not really celebrate Valentine's day let alone make anything for it!

But I am loving this little "rug"!

And here's how to make one of your very own! :)  It was super simple and only took me about an hour to whip up, binding and all! 

So here you go:

  • 1, Fat quarter of fabric for the hearts, binding and backing
  • 1, 13" x 13" scrap square or 1 fat quarter of fabric for the background color
  • 1, 9" x 13" Rectangle of batting


Heart, Binding and Backing Color:

  • Cut 6, 2" Squares (will be labeled, a, in the instructional diagrams)
  • Cut 1, 9" x 13" Rectangle
  • Cut 1, 2" x 5" Strip for binding
  • Cut 1, 2" x 11" Strips for binding
Background Color:
  • Cut 2, 2" squares (will be labeled, a2, in the instructional diagrams)
  • Cut 2, 5" squares then cut them in 1/2 Diagonally (will be labeled, c, in the instructional diagrams)
  • Cut 2, 4" squares then cut them in 1/2 Diagonally (will be labeled, b, in the instructional diagrams)


1.  Piece the "rug" together following the below diagrams (you can click on the diagram pictures to make them larger).  

Repeat 1 & 2 in the diagram so you end up with two "hearts".  Keep one and continue to 3.  Set one aside to be used in 10.

2.  The edges will not be even as you can see from this picture:

So you will need to cut the rectangle down to measure approx. 5" x 9". Or, as close to that as you can get it.  You may need to adjust the final size by 1/2" or so depending on your piecing skills. ;)  

Don't worry, it will still look good. 

3.  Sandwich the batting in between the pieced top you just created and the 9" x 13" piece of backing. 
Quilt as desired. 
I chose to channel stitch quilt the hearts.

Then just a quick border around the hearts.  

4.  Use the 2" strips you cut out of the heart material to bind the quilt. 


Your mug and some room for a muffin or a scone! 

It even looks cute under my little salt and pepper dishes!

I've already picked out who I will be sending this to and I sure hope she loves it! :)

Happy Valentines day.  

As always, I hope you have fun putting one of these together!


Little Creatable said...

I love this it's exactly what I needed THANK YOU for being so awesome!

JenniferPark8 said...

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