Friday, March 18, 2011

Cutting Circles

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I've said previously that I don't believe in having to spend money on specific tools for sewing.  I stand by that.  But there are a few fun items to grab when you have some extra cash. Like a circle rotary cutter gadget! ;) 

There are a lot of ways to cut circles:

1. You can use a compass and fabric pencil. Or use a compass and regular pencil to create a cardboard template.
2.  Trace a cup, bowl, or biscuit cutters and make a template.
3.  Buy some inexpensive circle templates.

I used to cut circles using templates I created.

Then.  One day.  I was browsing through the notions and found this:

Yep...a circle rotary cutter!

You just measure out the handle for the size circle you want.
Take off the cap and show the blade. 

Then use the special "crank-like" handle to cut out a circle. 

So...I have a confession.  I practiced doing a vlog to show off this fun tool!  I cut out a LOT of circles and did a bunch of videos but none of them went too well with me trying to set the video camera up with one hand and cut circles with the other. 

I got the hubs to help me and we got one decent take. 
It does work better when you have a few layers of fabric. 

I decided to post it anyway, I hope it isn't too awful. 


Little Creatable said...

That tool is totally awesome. Speaking of which you should totally join:

Your tool reviews are awesome!

Paloma said...

Hello mauby:
I just discovered your blog and I find very interesting. I live in Spain and am a lover of patchwork.
With your permission, I link you on my blog. A kiss

Kimberlee said...

That wasn't aweful at all. I love how you cut the circles. I suck at that, and am going to have to go buy one of those tools!
PS ~ I am having a book giveaway on my blog, and would love to have you over!

RenegadeQuilter said...

Love the tool review - nice job. I cut a bunch of circles awhile back for a quilt and used the 1/2 circle ruler thing. This looks like it would be great for layers of fabric.

Thanks for the review.

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