Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fancy up your Bath Mat: Tutorial

When my husband and I were registering for towels (back when you actually went to the store to register instead of online), I said we needed a bath mat. 

He did not know what a bath mat was!  Of course, I haven't bought a new bath mat since we were married, almost 7 years ago.  So ours were in need of a little sprucing up! 

It's like having a brand new one...only better. ;)


  • 1/2 yard of solid fabric
  • 1 charm pack (most of one anyway) or  30, 5" squares
  • Matching Thread
  • Fusible Interfacing (optional) 
  • Appliquè (optional)

This is based off of bath mats that measure: 33 1/2" x 20 1/2".  

1.  Cut the 1/2 yard into 5 strips that measure 28" x 4".
2.  Arrange the charm squares into 5 rows of 6 to be laid in between the strips cut in step 1. 

3. Once you have settled on your desired arrangement, sew your charm square rows together.

4.  Sew the strips in between each charm pack row.  Even off all sides and cut entire rectangle down to measure 39 1/2" x 26 1/2".  
(Your rectangle needs to end up 6" longer and wider than the size of your bath mat)

5. Sew any appliquè you may want on the front of the bath mat now.  I put on two slightly overlapped squares to add to the squares already on my bath mat. 

6.  Lay out the sewn rectangle right side down.  
Optional:  Center fusible interfacing on top of the wrong side of rectangle. (using the interfacing will give it a crinkly look after washing)
Then center bath mat, wrong sides together on top of the rectangle, 
 if using interfacing center on top of the interfacing and iron. 

7.  Fold corners down to meet the corners of the bath mat and press. 

8.  Fold where corners meet and press. 

9.  Fold one straight side down to overlap the edge of corner folds and meet at the edge of bath mat. Press.

10.  Fold straight edge again where it meets bath mat.  Press and pin. 

11.  Repeat steps 9 and 10 with the rest of the straight edges making nice mitered corners on all 4 corners. 

12.  Edge stitch all the way around.  Hand stitch mitered corners if desired.

That's it!  Now you have a reversible and looks like new bath mat! :) 

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San Antonio House Cleaning said...

Great idea! I was just stuck thinking about a new kind of bathmat for my downstairs bathroom. I wanted something that you can't get at any old store. The fact that it's homemade will allow me to add that extra kick of whimsy I like. :)

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