Monday, March 28, 2011

March Pattern Review

Organization of Instructions

 The entirety of this pattern is one 8.5" x 11" sheet.

The single page design makes this pattern super convenient for storage.  Just one  sheet.  This is one of the easiest patterns storage wise, because there are not multiple pages to lose. 

Of course, having all of the instructions on one page means that the instructions are more compact.  So, when you first look over them, just take it one step at a time. :)  

Also, the pattern pieces are included on the sheet, so you just trace off of that, which also saves space!  I trace any pattern I use anyway, so this just adds to the convenience of storage.  Again, I won't be losing any parts to this pattern! 

Criteria 2:
Ease of Instructions

The instructions are clearly written and the diagrams are easily viewed and followed. 

Are Additional Manuals Necessary

All instructions are included in the pattern.  Including how to hand stitch the binding.  Based on the instructions,  you do NOT need experience.  However  I believe that experience sewing rounded seams and applying binding would be very helpful to prevent any frustration. 

Criteria 3:
Level of Experience Required

Beginner, Intermediate or Expert

I would say this is more of an experienced beginner pattern.
There are some things that a beginner sewer may not have experienced yet and could find frustrating. There is also some hand sewing, which many first-time sewers may find too daunting.  
You also need to pre-quilt your fabric before you cut, so again, someone with a bit more experience than a brand spanking new beginner. :)

Also, you will need to adjust the pattern size for different slippers.  Don't worry, the instructions on doing this are very clear and easy to follow, just not something a first-time would probably want to tackle. 

Honestly, I would have absolutely no problem teaching this in person to a class of beginner sewers.  But, I would not recommend it to the first-time sewer at home.  

I know that I would have attempted this as a beginner and felt a little frustrated at times but also felt extremely proud when I completed it.

In the end I would say you can determine if you are ready for this by the following: 
If you feel you are a beginner sewer, but have sewn and bound any size quilt (even just a mug rug), as well as made a t-shirt or pants, then you could handle this.  

Either way, beginners should snatch up this pattern to do in the future because it is fun and results in yummy slippers! :) 

Criteria 4:
Amount Of Time

Each pair took me maybe an hour total if you count the tracing, adjusting for size and cutting in addition to the sewing.

Although I put together 3 pair in about an hour and half once I had it down.

Criteria 5:

Would I make it Again?

Yes!  I did make 7 pairs already!  This is a fabulously repeatable pattern.  Great to keep on hand so you can make a pair or two as gifts.  Also great to make yourself several pairs for around the house! 

Would I recommend this to family, friends or other quilters?

Absolutely!  I would tell anyone I know who sews to get this pattern and make some slippers!

Criteria 6:
Final Thoughts and Personal Experience

I made a LOT of slippers with this pattern.  
7 pairs so far to be exact.  
My family was coming into town when I started this and so I decided to make a pair for everyone! :) 

My little man just adores his and I love mine.

I did some up with minky on the inside which makes them sooo soft!  And I did one up with flannel on the inside.  I also did one pair with the quilted part on the inside and the outside.  

You actually need to quilt the fabric before you cut out the pieces.  I did this for 4 pairs.  For 2 pairs I used pre-quilted fabric that I had on hand.  

And for 1 pair I totally cheated.  I used wonder web fusible to attach the batting to the cotton.  While that worked great it does not have a quilted look.  So you would have to decide on how you want the end result to look before you cheat like me. :P 

And now for the giveaway!!

This month I have joined forces with the awesome Melanie of Above All Fabric!  Together we will be giving away one Slipper Cutie pattern and two 1/2 yards of winners choice fabric from the Above All Fabric Store!!  

To enter:

1.  Leave a comment.  Any comment.  Maybe you would like to suggest other criteria?  Or have a question about this pattern?

2.  For a second chance to win, blog about this giveaway and then come back and leave a link to your blog.

3.  For a third chance to win, tweet about the giveaway (ever so helpful if you add the @maubys to your tweet so I can see it.).  Come back and comment that you tweeted. 

4.  Leave an additional comment with a link to your favorite item for sale at Above All Fabric is!

Make sure you leave an additional comment for each entry so that it counts toward the drawing!

Winner will be randomly drawn on Sunday, April 3rd!


Petals said...

Oh my gosh, these are uber cute! I can see that I, and my family, er...everyone I know is going to need a pair! Thanks for the review.

Petals said...

And here is my favorite sale item. When I finish the current to-do list, I want to try this quilt!

RenegadeQuilter said...

Way cool. I never thought about making slippers. So is the bottom of them just the fabric? Could you put something on there to make them grippy?

RenegadeQuilter said...

I just tweeted about your giveaway.

RenegadeQuilter said...

I love this Nest fabric in Twill - I can see a big bag out of it.

RenegadeQuilter said...

I just added your giveaway to my latest blog post.

Kate said...

Oo, the slippers look super cute! That is a fun idea to make them for everyone in your family :)

Jacqueline said...

Cute slippers!! =)

Meredith Robinson said...

These are adorable - I wonder if they would be easier to keep on my 9-month-old's feet - she's an expert and pulling off socks the moment I get them on her feet. Her poor little feet get so cold when it's chilly outside!

Tam said...

I love these slippers and your review certainly help me decide if I wanted to tackle something like these. Fabric ideas are swirling in my head already.

Tam said...

My favorite at the moment :) Don't you think this fabric would make great booties?

Lil' Bit Sassy said...

I am forever looking for patterns for gifts for my family. This would be great! I could make them for the kids as well as the adults!

Lil' Bit Sassy said...

I tweeted!

Lil' Bit Sassy said...

I love the Sugar 'n Spice fabric collection at Above All Fabric!

daiyami said...

Ooh, I'd love this pattern. I really want to make some slippers and this looks like one of the better patterns.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


me said...

Love these slippers! I've been looking for a nice pattern.

Leena Salleh said...

The slippers are just too cute! Love it....would be perfect for my little ones as well

Maybe add another criteria of fabric usage?


Leena Salleh said...

I have tweeted this at Take part in a giveaway at!/hmseen

Leena Salleh said...

I love this item on sale at Above All Fabric


Leena Salleh said...

The entry to my blog is listed here

Sharon Pernes said...

Love these slippers. I think I need to make a pair.

Sharon Pernes said...

I blogged about you! Check my NEW blog out at
Its all about quilting, sewing, crafts and cooking...all things I love and love sharing.

Sharon Pernes said...

I just tweeted about the giveaway and @Maubys so you can see it.

Sharon Pernes said...

I love Abover All Fabric's web site! Right now the thing I love the most on the site is the Happier
layer cake.

stephmabry said...

How cute! Always on the lookout for new patterns, so thanks for the chance to win!

stephmabry said...

How cute! Always on the lookout for new patterns, so thanks for the chance to win!

stephmabry said...

Blogged about your post, here:

stephmabry said...

Tweeted! I'm @stephmabry, and I made sure to tag @maubys

stephmabry said...

Too bad it's out of stock - I've got a little girl quilt to work one that this fabric would be perfect for!

Kim said...

Since we don't wear shoes in our house, I would love to have several sizes made up for our guest so they wouldn't have to be bare foot. At least, it would be nice to offer them a pair! I love the idea of having a compact pattern as long as the instructions are clear. I believe a great idea would be to color code the steps. I love the design and also the idea that they are fast to make. Great idea.

Kim said...

I just tweeted about your wonderful giveaway!

Kim said...

I would love this fabric from above all fabrics

Really hard just to pick one fabric, she has so many cool ones to pick from! My first pair would be for my husband in this wonderful fabric.

Amy and Lori said...

Cute pattern! Love the time table for completion! Who has time anymore for much more than an hour!

Amy and Lori said...

Tweeted the giveaway from @toiletales and I closed you!

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