Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Latest Fabric Storage

When we were looking to rearrange the house and move my sewing studio from the smallest room to one of the biggest rooms I started browsing for ways to store my fabric. 

Then I saw these hanging shoe holders that looked perfect for organizing, sorting and storing my fabric! 

This is my "light" one.  Holding only about 30 yards or so of fluffy fabrics: Fleece, minky, bamboo knit, interfacing, PUL...

There was only one problem, if the fabric was too heavy, or there was too much of it in a container then it couldn't hang up on the hangers. 

SO....we moved them heavier ones to a closet and pout them on the side on the top rack. 

There are over 100 yards of cotton quilting fabric in this one! 

Still awesome though -- because I can fit a LOT of nicely folded fabric in each section and it makes my stash look smaller. ;) 

As you can see I need another one for the fabric that keeps just "showing up" out of "nowhere"! ;)  

1 comment:

RenegadeQuilter said...

Love this idea!!!! I am going to have to use it.

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