Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shadow Play

After working very hard to get this done while my family was visiting.  I am proud to say I completed my Project Modern Quilt entry!!! And....submitted it just in time. Yay!

I named this quilt, Shadow Play.  I love to watch how sunlight plays with objects to create interesting shadow patterns.  One of the patterns I love to see is when the sunlight comes through our windows and makes sunbeams on the tiles.  Those slight shade differences are just fascinating for me to look at.  When trying to decide on a quilt design for the monochromatic challenge, I kept coming back to the sunbeams and shadows that dance on my tiles. 

I pieced two "tile floors", one in the sunlight colors and one in the shade colors. Then I cut and pieced the two quilts together into one.  The original plans did not include the circle sun-like corner but after piecing the quilts, I felt like something was needed to pull it all together and that was just the right touch!

I chose to quilt straight close lines only in the sunbeams to emphasize the beams of sun.  Then I only stitched in the ditch and in the center of the "grout" of the shaded areas to emphasize the squareness of the tile floors.  Finally, I thought it was best to continue the pattern by piecing the binding to match. 

Final quilt measures 47" x  47" 

I have more photos that I will post later with some of the drafting and piecing woes, etc.  My family is still visiting so I need to spend more time with them before they head back to the snow! :)  


thepaintedman said...

that looks AWESOME, Aub!!! Great job!!

thepaintedman said...

that was actually Brooke :)

Little Creatable said...

I LOVE everything about this quilt! The colours, the ideas everything.

Sharon Pernes said...


daiyami said...

That's a beautiful design! Looks wonderful.

(So, do you have a second quilt top with the sunbeams reversed, then?)

Mauby said...

Thank you Everyone! :)

Daiyami, Since the seams have to overlap the reversed sunbeams would not line up. But I do have a second design to use up those pieces.

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