Friday, April 29, 2011

This One's for you, Trish.

Last year I posted about my new milk frother, here:

Trish at Two Peas in a Pod  recently left a comment on that post asking about a tutorial on how I make my latte's that I LOVE so much! :)  I actually thought this sounded fun.  

SO here you go:

How to make a delicious latte -- at home.  


1.  Start with 3/4 milk.  Heat it in a pan or in the microwave until it is just under boiling. 

2.  Using the milk frother, froth up the milk in your mug.  Like so:

3.  Get a small pitcher or measuring cup with a pouring spout. 

4.  Follow the aeropress or espresso maker directions to make your espresso.

With my aeropress, I use 2 Tablespoons fresh ground coffee. 

Then I fill the pouring part to the 2 or 3 line.  I like the 2 better, but sometimes I want a little bit more coffee, so I use the 3.  After comparing them though, I definitely, definitely prefer it at the 2. 

Pour the water into the coffee canister. 

Stir for 10 seconds. 

Press water through coffee. 

Remove the black strainer at the bottom, and push the grounds out into the trash.  

The second great thing about the aeropress (the first being that it makes a wonderful cup of coffee/almost espresso) is that it cleans super easy.  Check out that clean canister -- didn't even have to rinse it out! 

5.  Pour the espresso over your frothed milk. 

And Tada!

Now, won't you have a cup of coffee with me? 

It tastes soo good! 

Warm and rich, and delicious. 

I just love my fresh daily cup of coffee. 

Now, don't worry, for anyone that doesn't like coffee.  I will be back to posting sewing/fabric tutorials next week! 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Invisible Zipper Zeal!

Tailoring Thursdays™, Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Sewers

Invisible Zipper

I'm going to start this off with one rule:
Zippers are nothing to be afraid of!

You need only three things to succeed:
1. Zipper Foot
2. Wash away wonder tape (or sew-able basting tape)
3.  NO FEAR! 


1.  Take your invisible zipper out of the package.  

2.  Put it on your ironing board teeth side down. 

3.  Iron zipper. 

4.  Place zipper along seam where it will be inserted. 

Place a pin at the end of the zipper.  Just above where the end separates. 

5.  Place a second pin through BOTH pieces of the fabric and then remove the pin placed in the previous step. 

6.  Pin the rest of the seam. 

7.  Sew with a normal sized stitch (2.5 - 3.0 length) along ONLY the part of the seam that will not have the zipper. 

8.  Using a basting stitch (5.0 length) along the part of the seam where the zipper will be, slightly overlapping the stitches from step 7.

9.  Open the seam and press. 
Put the basting tape along both sides of the front of the zipper. 

10.  Take the paper off of the tape of one side of the zipper and place it on one side of the open seam, aligning the top of the zipper with the top of seam. 

11.  Using the zipper foot, sew as close to the teeth of the zipper as possible. 

12.  When you get to the zipper pull, stop sewing with the needle down in the machine through the fabric.  Lift the foot.  Pull the zipper down past the foot. 

Finish sewing the zipper. 

13.  Repeat steps 10 -12 with the other side of the zipper. 

14.  Turn the item right side out. 

15.  Carefully with the seam ripper, remove the basting stitches. 

16.  Trip off the top of the zipper. 

17.  Voila!  You did it! An invisible zipper! 

Follow the rest of the instructions according to your pattern. : ) 

See...NO FEAR!

Happy Thursday.  
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