Sunday, April 17, 2011

Slip Stitch

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Hand-stitching: The Slip Stitch

So you are just about finished with your latest project and the directions read, "slip stitch opening closed." 
Once you mustered to pick your jaw up off of the floor, I bet you thought, I don't want to hand stitch!  

There is generally ONE thought regarding hand-stitching:

Fear that it will be too hard, take too long, or that you just cannot do it. 

But, hand-stitching doesn't have to be something to fear!   :) 

The slip-stitch is probably one of the more common techniques utilized in machine sewing patterns. 
Most often called for in bag and pillow patterns.  

Here are step by step photos and instructions for slip stitching. 

Here I have a block that needs to be finished.  

1.  The first step is to thread your needle.  Tie the end with a double knot. 

This is the fold on both sides of the opening.  Most of the needle work with take place inside the folds. 

2.  Pull the needle under one of the folds and through the top of the opening until the knot gets caught on the fabric.

3.  Insert the needle through the opposite side into the fold and then parallel to the fold, push the needle and thread through about 1/8". Pull through. 

4.  Repeat step 3 with the opposite side.  

5.  Continue step 3 and 4 until you get to the end of the opening.  

6.   Once you reach the end, pull the thread tightly.

7.  Pull the needle and thread through once or twice to a place where the end knot can be tucked in/hidden. 

8.  Tie a triple knot:
Push the needle partway through the fabric and then wrap the thread behind the needle up and around the needle,
3 times.  
Pull the needle and thread through the winding until tight.  
This will give you a nice knot. 

9.  Pull the needle through a time or two and then snip the thread near the fabric.  

And, you did it! :) 

See, not so hard after all. 


joy said...

glad i found your blog! i've been sewing for 3 years, but have yet to master this skill. today was my best slip stitch yet :)

Mauby said...

Awesome! So glad it helped!! :)

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