Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Re-usable Packaging: Non-Paper Padding

I bought this mug for my mom for Mother's day. 

She has been wanting it since she bought me the same one over a year ago. 

Of course to keep it from clanking around in the back and chipping or breaking the store wrapped in paper.  

So now....WHAT am I supposed to do with the paper?  I feel too guilty just throwing it out.  And it isn't enough padding for the mug to make it in the mail.  I have to put it away in a drawer and find a way to re-use it (as wrapping paper or table protection for a paint/glue project). 

This is why I use re-usable grocery bags and produce bags, no worries about what to do with all of the plastic bags. 

That is what got me to put some of these together! 

A re-usable piece of padding that doesn't have to be thrown out, can be used and re-used, and washed.

Now I can hand a few of these to the cashier next time to wrap my breakables up.  

I can put them between stacked plates when I am packing. 

They can be used to protect breakables that I am mailing and then re-used by the recipient to protect their breakables!  

And these are wayyyy prettier than some crinkly paper! Just another way to see and show off beautiful fabric in a practical and Earth friendly way. 

  • 2, 22" x 22" squares of fabric (you could even do this with 2 fat quarters)
  • 1, 21" x 21" square of Fusible Fleece
  • Matching thread


1.  Center the fusible fleece on the wrong side of one of the pieces of fabric.  Apply according to directions. 

2.  Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together.  

3.  Pin.  

Pins squared in the red are how your fabric should be pinned.
The pins in the yellow are turned incorrectly for where the turning
gap should be, signalling where I should start and stop sewing. 

4. Sew along all four sides with a 5/8" seam allowance, leaving a 3"- 4" gap for turning. 

5.  Turn the fabric right side out through the gap. 

6.  Press and edge-stitch along all four sides. 

7. Tada!  That's it.  You can make up a whole bunch of these and find so many uses for them!

 How to wrap a mug:

It's almost like swaddling a baby. 

Lay the mug in the center with the top and bottom almost 
lining up with the corners.  

Turn the left corner over top of the mug.  

Then turn the bottom up over the left side and the mug.  

Tuck the top corner into the top of the mug.  

Finish by rolling the mug to the right  

So simple.  So fun.  So practical. 

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