Friday, May 27, 2011

Re-Usable & Washable Fabric Wrapping Paper

Ok...are you ready?  Want to save $10-$20 a year on wrapping paper and tape?  
Want to look at your curb on the day after Christmas this year and NOT see 5 garbage bags of crinkled paper?

I DO!  So I went about figuring out how to make up some re-usable wrapping paper!   Something that I can throw in the wash after a party or Christmas morning.  Something that I can fold up and put away until the next time I need some wrapping paper.  And here it is! 

Wrapping Fabric:

  • 1 yard (or more) of 2 fabrics OR 2 yards of one fabric
  • 5,  2- 1/2" x WOF strips (or 5 jelly roll strips)
  • Matching Thread

 This size of wrapping paper is for a medium sized item.  You can increase the length of the straps and the size of your wrapping fabric to accommodate larger items. 

The flexibility of this pattern allows you to use the same wrapping fabric on items of various shape categories in similar sizes. 

1.  Cut out your fabric into two identical rectangles.   I cut mine to measure 30" x 40"

2.  Place fabric pieces right sides together and sew around all sides leaving a 3 - 4" turning gap. 

3.  Turn right side out and edge stitch along all edges. 

4. Make your fabric straps by sewing two of the 2-1/2" x  WOF strips together to make one long strip. 

a.  Fold down shorter edges 1/2".  
b.  Fold in half lengthwise and press.  
c.  Unfold.  Fold lengthwise sides in to meet at the fold line.  Press.
d.  Re-fold at the center, enclosing raw edges.  Press.  
e.  Edge-stitch along all four sides. 

Repeat with 2 more of the strips.  

Repeat steps 4a - 4e with remaining strip. 

5.  Find the center of your rectangle by folding in half lengthwise.  Measure out 1/2" from center and lay one of the LONG strips parallel to the fold line, centering the middle of the strip on top of the rectangle.  

6.  Pin strip in place and sew ONLY the center of the strip and only about 6" of the strip. I recommend sewing 3 rows to securely attach strip to rectangle. 

7.  Repeat step 5 and 6 with second long strip placing second long strip 1/2" from the center in the other direction. 

8.  Take your remaining strip and place it at the widthwise center of the rectangle.  Repeat step 6. 

9.  And that's it!  Now you are wondering...what? 

So let's move on to how it works and what makes it so versatile! :) 


1.  Lay out your wrapping fabric with the strap side down.  Straighten out your straps. 
 2.  Lay the item you are wrapping on the fabric just like you would lay it out on actual wrapping paper.  

3.  Fold over one side.  

4.  Fold the other side on top of that side. 

5.  Tuck in the top on one of the remaining sides.

Fold in those sides. 

Turn up the corner.

6.  Repeat with opposite side.  

7.  While holding both sides up take the strap beneath those sides and pull up and around package centering straps over the corners. Tie in place. 

8.  Take the straps on the other two sides and wrap around gift and tie.

9. Make a bow! 

Tada!  You can play with the bow a bit to make it look different and even play around with the ties.  

It looks good and even my 3 year old can unwrap it!   


Kristy said...

Very clever! And just think of all the possibilities for recycling that fabric when you're ready for a new print! Fun!

Marci Girl said...

This is such an amazing idea! So great, love it!

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