Friday, June 10, 2011

Card Trick Quilt Block with a Twist

This is a fairly traditional quilt block but still always fun!  The typical design uses 3 different colors for the "cards", my version uses only 2 colors, and to make it more fun I embellished it into a nice little mug rug! :) 

  • From each color: Dark, Light, Background you will need to cut 
    • 2, 2-7/8" Squares and then cut in half diagonally (dark = C, Light = A, Background = B). 
    • 2, 2-3/8" Squares and then cut in half diagonally (dark = c, Light = a, Background = b).
  • From the dark color you will need
    • 2, 3" x 7" 
  • From the light color 
    • 2" to 2-1/2" strips of the lighter color for Binding. 
Sew all seams with 1/4" seam allowance:

1.  Sew one C to one B along diagonal. Repeat once.
Sew one A to one B along the diagonal.  Repeat once. 
See Below:

2.  Sew one small c to one small b along the right angle, repeat with the c on the opposite side.
Sew one small a to one small b along the right angle, repeat with the b on the opposite side. 
Sew one small a to one small c, repeat with a on the opposite side.
See Below:

3.  Take one a/b set and sew to a large C.
Take opposite a/b and sew to the last large C.

Take one b/c set and sew to a large A.
Take opposite b/c and sew to a large A.

Take a/c sets and sew together.  

See Below: 

4.  You should have 9 squares now, arrange them to look like diagram and picture below: 

5.  Sew bottom two right squares together.
The two squares above them together.
and the top two right squares together. 
See Below: 

6.  Sew together the bottom two rows that you just put together in step 5.
See Below: 

7.  Sew the final row from step five to the square you just created in step 6.
See Below: 

8.  Sew the middle and bottom square together from the bottom left.
See Below: 

9.  Sew the final small square on from the top left to the two squares you sewed together in step 8.
Sew Below: 

10.  Sew the new strip to the side of the rectangle, finishing the block.
See Below: 

11.  Trim any edges that keep the block from being square.  But don't trim it too much or you will lose your points in the next step and the binding. 

12.  Take the two 3" x 7" strips and sew them to the sides of the block.  
See Below:

See I trimmed mine a little much and lost my points!  I hate losing my points! 
Quilt and bind as desired.  

See yesterday's post on binding part III for a new trick on binding quickly or check out my tutorial on continuous bias binding.

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Edith said...

I love your creation. You just gave me an idea of how to turn my "Card Tricks" into placemats. I know what you mean by losing your points, especially after I have perfected them, and then lose them at the end of the project.

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