Monday, June 27, 2011

Joplin Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all who have donated, volunteered and done what they can for Joplin!  
It has been so wonderful to see all the people doing things to help.
There are people making and sending quilts.
And I know there are people going out every week to help with what they can!

So here are the winners from left to right.

First Prize: A $50 gift certificate from the amazing Angela know Tula Pink's Quilter! 
2: Jeanne said...

We donated 50 cases of canned food and dry goods to Joplin and Sedalia both.

Second Prize: The latest and absolutely fabulous 4 patterns from Bari of BariJ designs!
12: CreationsForEleanor said...

I donated at Church, such a devastating tragedy!

A super great and fun re-usable lunch tote Brookiellen Designs
10: Vicki said...

We donated items that were taken to Joplin, and I texted a donation to the Red Cross, too. :)

A beautiful shoulder bag from Brookiellen Designs as well!
4: Angie said...

We gave at church yesterday. Our children's minister is from there and his family still lives there. Heartbreaking to see the pics and videos he sent back.

Thanks for the chance to win!

A surprise pack of 3 patterns and some super fun notions 
8: Melody said...

Aubrey, way to go!! This is a wonderful thing you're doing. I usually have a bag of stuff I take to the women's shelter close to my work and home at least once a month (after being encouraged to give again by another blog). I though this month I'd give it to the Joplin need instead but decided instead to do a bit extra and give to both. And a bit of cash to Red Cross. Thanks so much for this. I used to live close and even when you live in "Tornado Alley" you never think it's going to be that bad

Gorgeous pin cushion by Heather at Olive & Ollie Designs.
3: Lindsay said...

I just donated to Convoy of Hope. I think this giveaway is a great idea and I hope a lot of people particpate!

A Sherbert Pips Jelly Roll from Melanie at Above All Fabrics
7:Sharon Pernes said...

We donated to the American Red Cross for Joplin. I meant to post this earlier. Also my kids have donated too, every little bit counts.

One of Patty Young's great Stella handbag patterns
11: manybooks said...

My heart breaks for the town. We donated directly through the Red Cross, and I donated through a friend doing an Avon fundraiser for the Red Cross also. Thanks so much for doing this!

One made up Stella handbag in the Pure line by Sweetwater.
9: Alli said...

I just donated to the Ozarks Red Cross. I hope you get lots of entries!

Please email me your address to claim your prize!  aubrey [@]

(if winners do not get in touch with me within 2 weeks from today, July 12th, then I will re-pick a winner for that prize) 

Congratulations and thanks to those who donated prizes and those who participated in raising money!

Thank You All! :) 



Sharon Pernes said...

This was a wonderful reason for a giveaway. Thank for doing this, I hope it helped Joplin and that people continue to donate.

Melody said...

Your reminders to give are such a wonderful thing. Sometimes we just need a kick in the pants.

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