Wednesday, June 15, 2011

May Pattern Review

Sorry this is a little late!  I did not want to take away from the giveaway for Joplin and so waited a little longer on this review. (P.S. if you have not entered the giveaway for Joplin then you should check out all the great prizes!!)

Criteria 1:
Organization of Instructions
This is a PDF Pattern and it easily prints out on 8.5" x 11" paper.
Pattern is nicely organized with clearly labeled pictures for each step. 

There is just enough of a left margin that after printing that I was able to use my 3-hole punch to place the pattern in my pattern binder.  One of my favorite things to being organized!

Criteria 2:
Ease of Instructions
Instructions are fairly simple to follow and straight forward. 
There are no diagrams but pictures for each step along the way. 

Are Additional Manuals Necessary
Pattern uses fusible interfacing and so you will want to have the manufacturers instructions for that, or have the know how already. ;) 

Criteria 3:
Level of Experience Required
Beginner, Intermediate or Expert
I would recommend this as a slightly experienced beginner pattern.  The reason being that there are curved seams and it requires some clipping.  

Beginner wise, as a smaller project it gives quick satisfaction upon completion! And then you get to wear or gift super cute slippers! :)  

Criteria 4:
Amount Of Time
I made two pair in about one hour.  I am sure that when I go to make another pair it will take slightly less time.
Criteria 5:
This is a very repeatable pattern.  Since the slippers are so cute, you will have people asking about them all the time!  Which always makes me want to make more of an item.  
They are simple and fun and don't take too much fabric.  Just the type of pattern you will want to pull out when you are looking for a speedy, yet fancy looking gift!
Would I make it Again?
Yes.   I've made two pairs already.   As well as planning a second pair for myself and perhaps a new pair for my sister. 

Would I recommend this to family, friends or other quilters?
I would definitely recommend it.  I love the immediate satisfaction of a PDF pattern and this pattern is 
so-o-o-o cute.  
Criteria 6:
Final Thoughts and Personal Experience
Sizes run a little small.  My sister is a 6 1/2 or 7 and the size 7 was a bit tight for her.  So I would recommend making them 1 size up.  

My house has a lot of very rough floors and the soles of my slippers wore out fairly quickly.  I would recommend making the sole out of canvas or with a slipper fabric bottom like this:

And of course a little giveaway never hurt anyone!  

So would you like your own pair of kimono slippers? Handmade by me?  
I have these fabulous fat quarters from BariJ that I won.   In order to spread the love, I will make one pair of slippers from one of these prints, winner's choice.

Let's mix it up a bit.  No hoops to enter, just a fun comment.  

The commenter to guess ALL of the shoe sizes in my family: hubs, little man's  and my own, wins!  
If more than one commenter is correct I will draw from those names for the winner!

Leave your guesses by June 28th!
Giveaway is open to everyone in and outside of the U.S! :) 


Jennwith4 said...

First time here and those slippers are ca-ute!! Had to go to the archives to try and make a guess at the shoe sizes. Well, here goes nothing:
Yours: 7
Your husband: 10
Little man: 8

Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Lindsay Conner said...

6.5 (the lady), 12 (the hubs), 7 (the lil guy)! I also added your giveaway to

Jeanne said...

Ha Ha you vixen, changing things up on us now! I can do this

Ur Hubs: 10.5
U: 7.5
"Little Man" (I want him by the way) wears an enormous: 5

Heidi C said...

Very cute!
Hubs: 11
You: 8
Lil Man:6

Ms. M said...

You: 9
Husband: 12
Lil man: 6

fablanche3petal at gmail dot com

Leanne said...

I found the link to these lovely slippers on Craftbuds. Your query is difficult not knowing the age of your little man. Anyway, my guess would be;
husbands 9
yours 7
little man 7

Marci Girl said...

Oh goodness, I have no idea, so here are my guesses:

Yours 7.5
Hubs 11.5
Son 9

Jenelle said...

Those are really cute slippers. I love the fold over detail. My guesses are probably way off but here goes :)

You: 6.5
Husband: 11
Lil guy: 9

Jan said...

Love these slippers.
My guess is
Little guy - 9
You - 8
Hub - 11
I've got my fingers crossed!

rosewendy said...

What a great pattern. I have been thinking of buying a new pair of slippers recently as mine are looking rather sad and I wear them all the time. Perhaps I will try making a lovely pair instead.

rosewendy said...

Just a guess
You- 6
Hubby- 11
Son- 6 1/2

(Me- 9 Australian sizing)

cherdon said...

Here goes nothing LOL

Hubs: 10 1/2
You: 9
Lil Man: 6

Gorgeous slippers. :-)

stephmabry said...

You: 8
Hubs: 10
Little guy: 6

Who knows. LOL!


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