Thursday, June 9, 2011

So.......Opinions needed

Thanks to all my twitter friends, I have decided to extend the giveaway.  This will give people time to donate and find a little extra cash! :)  Thank you all so much for your encouragement and support.  Words could never say enough to show how much I appreciate it! :)

I'm just not sure what to do.  I try to be confident and know what to do and make decisions but today I just don't know.  So can you tell me what should I do:

Here's the beef.  I was very excited about the giveaway and helping to raise funds to help the city of Joplin, Missouri.  And I don't know if I was late to the game, did a poor job advertising or people were just not interested.  

You can see the post here:

And honestly, I'm bummed.  I try not to get down and to just keep pushing forward, but I'm sincerely, honestly, completely bummed out.  

Now what do I do?  

Do I just draw prizes for the 5 who entered?   Hope for a better turn out next time?
Do I extend the giveaway and post it somewhere else?  (tell me where to advertise it)

So tell me, what do you think?  

1 comment:

Marci Girl said...

It appears that you have extended it, which I think was the right idea! :)

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