Sunday, July 3, 2011

June Pattern Review

Have you seen the Lola Goes Shoppin' bag? 
The picture of the bag actually reminded me of bag a friend of mine brought back from Italy.
I loved the look of both and who doesn't need another bag, right? :)

Criteria 1:
Organization of Instructions
So the Izzy & Ivy Patterns are actually inside of a cool folder!

And then a sticker holds it closed.  
I love the fact that there are no plastic bags (that's the green in me and a post for another day!).
The pattern has a sketched picture for just about every step.

The pattern is a little booklet that sits inside the folder. 
You can store it in the folder inside one of those sheaths made for a 3 ring binder.

Criteria 2:
Ease of Instructions
My favorite part was the  outside pocket instructions.
It read like I had written it myself!  In fact it is eerily similar to one I already have drafted for a new pattern.
There is a clearly drawn diagram for each step.   Easily followed with descriptions and clear instructions. 

Are Additional Manuals Necessary
  • You will want to know how to use a zipper foot and sew in a zipper.  
  • You will need to know how to make or sew on binding.
  • There is interfacing, so you need the instructions that comes with the interfacing.

Criteria 3:
Level of Experience Required

Beginner, Intermediate or Expert
This is an intermediate pattern.
A really brave beginner might want to try it BUT again, I would only recommend it for someone who has sewn a zipper and who has also worked with binding.  

Criteria 4:
Amount Of Time
This took me almost 10 hours to complete
I think the thing that felt the longest was the cutting, not surprising since purse patterns typically have a lot of cutting.  :)

Also, I have this thing with binding, I hate to sew it all by machine.  So I took a bit longer because after attaching the binding by machine, I finished attaching it by hand.  OH, and I made my own binding!

Criteria 5:
A very repeatable pattern.  You could make a couple of these, cut out say 4 or 5 at one time and then put them together assembly line style!  They would make a fabulous gift! Especially stuffed with a bunch of goodies!
Would I make it Again?
Well my sister wants me to make another one with 20 pockets for her!  
I will definitely make it again in another print, when I have the time (like all things, right?)

Would I recommend this to family, friends or other quilters?
I would recommend this to all my friends who sew!  As anyone who sews can attest, we always need one more bag pattern.  And who could not love this bag? 

Criteria 6:
Final Thoughts and Personal Experience
I made a satin bow for mine because that's what the purse from Italy had on it and I thought it would make a nice finishing touch! :)

Originally I was thinking after finishing up the purse that I would give it as a really nice gift for someone.  Once it was finished, I thought I would see how it felt to carry it around...then I thought I should take it for a practice run...then I decided to keep it. 

See, it makes me feel pretty! I spend my days working two jobs from home, exhausted from my illness (that's another post too!), chasing after a 3 year old.  That means that I don't have too much time to feel pretty lately, but when I put this purse on and go out (without make up or beautiful clothes & those few extra pounds) I feel like the purse flatters me. :)

I bought an extra Lola Goes Shoppin' Pattern to give away to one of you!
To enter, just leave a comment telling me what you think of my new Lola Bag. 

And if you don't win, you should definitely buy this pattern...or two, get one for a friend! ;)
[EDIT 7/16/2011] Yep, I completely forgot to put a drawing date on this! Can you believe it? ;)  So...last day to enter will be tomorrow July 17th.  Winner will be drawn after midnight on the morning of the 18th!


Henria O. said...

I think you did a wonderful job with your Lola bag! Great color choices!

Melody said...

Very cool bag and I've been itching to make another bag. Love the colors you used.

I hope you're feeling better every day. It's slow going isn't it.

crescendogal said...

Gorgeous colors you've chosen & fabulous workmanship!!! I would SO LOVE to have this would get TONS of use!!!

Corrie said...

I LOVE this purse. I love all bag/purse patterns, they are just like a fabric stash. Have to have as many/much as you can. :) I love the bow on yours and think it would be a fun purse to carry around and have people wonder where you got it. You did a great job on yours, really like your fabric too.

jrtruba said...

Stunning! I love blue - my favorite color. Such a cute purse. I've never attempted a purse before. Hmmmmmm, maybe this is a good starter.

Nicole said...

So beautiful! You did such a fabulous job with this gorgeous bag! I love the color palette you use so beautiful I love the sash. This is such a cute bag.


drmithome said...

I would love to try my hand with this bag. Thanks for the chance to win.

Annie said...

This is so cute! i love the pocket on the back!

Kristy said...

Very beautiful! I especially love the sash! Thanks for your generosity too! :)

cathy said...

I really like your choice of fabric the bag looks great, I love all the Izzy and Ivy patterns they have great bags and adorable kids clothes too

lil misses' mama said...

Love the bag! I love that Joel Dewberry fabric--so fresh and cheerful!

SarahB said...

So pretty! I really do need to make a new bag for myself. This one is beautiful!

craftytammie said...

it's gorgeous! thanks for sharing it!

arlette said...

I love the colors you used for the bag, it's extra cute, I'm a bag-aholic, I'd love to give it a try, thank you for sharing!!!

Jodi said...

A very pretty purse.. No wonder you feel lovely when you are out and about with it. This pattern looks like I could handle it. I really appreciate how you broke everything down and answered my questions before I even asked. Haha Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win!

Jodi said...

A very pretty purse.. No wonder you feel lovely when you are out and about with it. This pattern looks like I could handle it. I really appreciate how you broke everything down and answered my questions before I even asked. Haha Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win!

Heidi C said...

Very pretty! I love the fabric!

Sara said...

Very appealing. I love the soft color choices. It does look very sophisticated, doesn't it?

Selina Marie said...

I love Jana's bags! This is so cute and I would love to make one!

Cajame said...

Ooh - it looks fantastic. Definitely looks "designer" rather than handmade. Loving it - aided by your fabric choice - face colours.

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