Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little Fun with my Little Man!

So, today I was catching up on Bari's new blog, We Love French Knots.  
When I was younger I did embroidery and cross stitch.  Even now I enjoy sitting and hand stitching some projects!  So following Bari's new project is a lot of fun!   
Little man was fully immersed in the blanket stitch video and insisted on doing a blanket stitch of his own!
I had to help, I mean he is only 3, but he did a lot of it himself!  
He was so proud!   
Have you been hesitant to try your hand at hand stitching?  I hope seeing that a 3 year old can enjoy it will give you the courage to at least try! :) 


bari said...

That is seriously awesome for a 3 year old!

Wendys Hat said...

Too cute! My children too grew up sewing with me. Fun times!

Marci Girl said...

So cute, and already so talented! Awesome job! I started young too, but not that young, I'm impressed!

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