Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pen Tablet Case

I just celebrated my birthday recently!  And my parents got me this: 
Super fun, right?  I'm soooo excited! Thanks Mom & Dad (they probably won't see this -- but giving the shout out anyway)! 
The only problem is that I cannot leave this out on my desk or the little man will think it's his new "drawing board", so I needed a way to store it without having to unpack and repack it into the box every time I wanted to use it.
So Tada!  Here is my solution:
A pouch to hang on my wall and hold all my awesome new tablet stuff! 
You could use one of these for anything you want to keep out of reach, but still easy to get to!

These are based on the measurements of my bamboo tablet (13.3 by 8.8 inches).  In the directions I will include how to determine the size you will need for your own items. 
  • From 3/4 Yard Fabric
    • Cut 2, 10 1/2" x 30" pieces
    • Cut 2, 3" x 6" pieces for the pen pocket
    • Cut 2, 5" x 6" for the cord pocket
    • Cut 2, 8" x 10" for the instruction Pocket
  • From 1/3 yard of Fusible Fleece
    • Cut 1, 10 1/2" x 30" 
  • Ribbon/Strap (2" or more wide), Cut one 76" strip

1.  Measure the width (9").  Add 1 1/2" to the measurement.
2.  Measure the length (13 1/4").  Double the measurement and then add 3 1/2" to the measurement.
3.  Cut out 2 pieces based on those measurements.  One will be the exterior and one will be the lining. 
In my case the measurement was 10 1/2" x 30".  Cut out one piece of fusible interfacing to that same measurement.

4.  Fuse the fleece to the exterior according to manufacturer directions.
5.  To calculate the Ribbon/Strap size, double the length of your exterior piece (30" x 2) and add 16" for a nice sized handle/strap/hanger.  My ribbon piece was 76".

6.  Take the fleece fused material.  Pin the short edge of the ribbon to one of the shorter edges and 2" in from the longer edges all the way down to the other shorter side.  Loop it around creating a handle and then pin it down the other side 2" from the longer edges until the short edge of the ribbon lines up with the shorter side of the exterior that you started on. 
7.  Determine how many pockets you want.  
I needed three, one for the pen, one for the CD/instruction packet, and one for the USB cord. 
Need to measure the length and width of each item and add an inch to the width for a nice size pocket.
If your item is thicker like my CD/instruction packet you may want to put a little pleat in the pocket, so add 2" to the width. 
8.  Cut out two pieces for each pocket. 
Place pieces right sides together and sew around all four sides leaving a 1"- 2" gap for turning.
9. Turn pockets right side out.  Press. Stitch along only the top of each pocket.
10.  To create the pleat: First, measure in 2" from the side of the pocket.  Then, take the fabric inside of the 2" line and fold it over the line 1".  Press.  Repeat with the other side. 
11.  Fold the exterior in half width wise and mark the center with pins.
See how I drew a circle around my pins?  I did that with my new pen tablet. ;) 
12.  Place your pockets so that they are on the half of the exterior that does not have the handle.  The open/top of the pocket needs to open to the side without a handle. 
13.  Stitch the sides and bottoms of the pockets to the exterior with an edge stitch.
14.  Fold the Exterior in half, right sides together and pin the sides together. 
15.  Stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance
16.  Turn right side out.  Set aside.
17.  Take the lining piece and fold in half width wise.  Sew along both sides, leaving a 4" turning gap on one side. 
18.  Trim the corners near the fold to prevent bulk.
19.  Place the lining around the exterior, right sides together. 
20.  Tuck the handle inside the two "bags". 
21.  Pin bags together along the top. 
22.  Stitch all the way around with a 1/4" - 1/2" seam allowance. 
23. Through the gap left in the lining, pull the exterior and lining through making it all right side out. 
24.  Press the lining and sew the turning gap closed.  You can sew it closed by hand using a slip stitch or a very small edge stitch, no one will see the lining on the inside, so machine sewing that gap closed isn't too big of a deal. 
25.  Tuck the lining inside the case and press the opening edge nice and crisp. 
26.  To finish, edgestitch along the opening of the case. 
and tada! you have a case!  I put in my tablet and tucked the usb cord into the top little pocket.  
My pen fits nicely in the skinny pocket and the pleated pocket holds the rather thick CD/instruction packet! 
Best of all -- it is cute, convenient and sooo practical! :) 

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Well done Mauby. You're a clever lady and your demos are really easy to follow.

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