Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Scallop Edged Bandanna

When I was in college I would wear bandannas to exercise. 
I've made my husband a bandanna or two since then too!
Recently I thought, why not make a really cute scalloped edge Bandanna.
I made one where I used the serger to serge a rolled edge around the scallops.
I also made one where I just did a small zig-zag stitch around the scalloped edges.
Finally, I settled on this one being my favorite because I could also use the bandanna as a decoration.

  • One 23" x 23" Square of fabric
  • Two 3" x 23" Strips of matching fabric
  • Two 3" x 17 1/2" Strips of matching fabric
1.  First, finish the edges of the 3" strips with a zig-zag stitch or your preferred method of finishing seams.

2.  Sew the 3" edge of each 3" x 17 1/2" strip to the inside of the ends of one of the 3" x 23" strips.
Then sew the other ends to the inside ends of the remaining 3" x 23" strips.
This will create a 3" square outline that covers the outer edge of 23" square.
3.  Lay the outline square on top of the 23" square right sides together and pin in place.  
 4.  Take a cup or bowl or circle that is about the size of the scallop you would like on your bandanna edge.
5.  Trace around the edge of the rounded object around the edge of the bandanna squares creating a drawn scalloped edge.
6.  Sew on the inside of the drawn line with a 1/4" seam allowance.
Stop at the corners, lift the machine foot, turn the fabric, put machine foot back down and continue sewing. 
7.  Cut on the drawn line. 
8.  Clip your seams, making a nice clip right into the corners without cutting the stitching and then clip around the circle corners. 
9.  Turn the strips right side out. 
10.  Straighten corners and edges.  Press.
11.  Edge stitch around the scalloped corners.  Press.
 12.  With the top of the bandanna right side up find the edge of the strips underneath and sew the strips to the bandanna square within 1/4" of that line.  
In the below picture my finger is on the line, you can see the slight imprint on the fabric, and the edge of my presser foot is against the line as well.
Tada!  My Scallops on this one are a little large.  I did this so that when I folded the bandanna I would have two layers of scallops that you can see.
You might want to try different sized scallops and folding arrangements until you find the way you like them best! :


Kristy said...

Love this! The edge adds so much! I want to make one for sure! Thanks for sharing!

craftytammie said...

ok - i need to make some of these pronto. thanks for sharing!

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