Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sewing Hook & Loop Fastener

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Sewing Hook & Loop Fastener

While some sewers avoid sewing in hook & loop (A.K.A. Velcro), there are times, especially when sewing for children that you may really want to be able to know how and when to sew in hook & loop fastener.

Sewing hook & loop can be difficult so here are a few tips:
The hook side is the rougher of the two hook & loop pieces and the loop side is the softer one.
  • Try using a leather machine needle.  It will pierce the hook & loop making it easier for the thread to move through the hook & loop without thinning the thread or shredding it. 
  • Look for some machine safe needle lubricant so that it can move through the hook & loop smoother.
  • Try to sew on the edges of the hook & loop.  This is much easier when you use a zipper foot, see pictures below:

I hope this helps you out the next time you need to sew with hook & loop fastener!
Do you have any hook & loop tips or tricks?  

1 comment:

Melody said...

Thanks! I use velcro on purse closures sometimes and always sew around the edge. Good idea to use a leather needle but had never heard of a needle lubricant. I'll have to look for something like that for next time.

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