Thursday, August 4, 2011

Make Your Own Cording

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Make Your Own Cording

Here are some pillows  made awhile back with cording.  
You can buy cording already made in the store, it usually looks like this:
Sometimes you want your cording in a specific color or with fabric instead of the braided look.  
 That is when you make your own! 

Here's How:
1.  You can buy plain cord or shiny rope at the craft store.  Just pick out one that has the thickness you are looking for: 
2.  Cut out a strip of fabric:
 Length = length of cord.  
Width = Usually 2 1/2" in width is just right. 
 If you are using extra thick cord, then you can measure around the cord and add 1 1/2" to the measurement. 
3.  Place cording in the center of the fabric strip, with fabric wrong side up.  
4.  Wrap the fabric around the cord, lining up the edges of the strip. 
Pin fabric together very close to the cord.  
Pin all the way down the fabric. 
5. Grab your zipper foot!  You really will not be able to get the proper look without a zipper foot. You can get close with a 1/4" piercing foot, but a zipper foot is best.
Sew down the strip close to the cording, removing the pins as you sew. 
And, tada!  Check back next Thursday for how to sew binding into a pillow or other edge!

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Becoming a Bunch said...

I am impressed! Very Cool!

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