Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sewing Cording in Seams

Tailoring Thursdays™; Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Sewers:

Sewing Cording in Seams

Sometimes it's nice to add a little something to a seam.  Like cording.  Cording looks great in the seams of a pillow edge or a quilt.

So as not to waste materials I used the cording I made for my last Tailoring Thursday post, which is a bit large for the size pillow I am showing in these pictures. 

Typically you should make smaller cording for a smaller pillow and save large cording for larger pillows or items. 
1.  Pin the edge of the binding to the edge of one side of your square.  
2.  Using a zipper foot, sewing close the binding, start 3" from the start of the binding, leaving the first 3" 
un-sewn.  Stop 1/2" before the corner. 
Turn the cording and pin along the next edge.  
3.  Repeat until you get within 3" of the starting.  
4. Trim down the remaining cording so that the edges of the start and end of the cording overlap by about 3".
5.  Pull back the fabric and trim the cording down so that the cording is inside the fabric.  The fabric end will be empty.
6.   Take the other edge of the cording, feel where you would need to cut it so that both ends line up.
Then repeat step 5 with this end. 
7.  Lay fabric ends over one another, tucking the ends over one another and below the seam line. 
 The cording ends will meet above the seam.
8.  Sew the overlapping binding ends to the fabric.  
9.  Lay the other piece of fabric over the cording and fabric, right sides together. 
10.  Stitch fabric pieces together with the binding in between the two pieces.  Leaving a small opening for turning right side out. 
11.  Trim the corners.  
12.  Turn right side out.  
13.  Stuff. 
14.  Hand stitch opening closed.  
Voila!  Try it out on pillows (especially ones with turkish or rounded corners), quilts or other items that you want to add a finishing touch to the seams.  

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